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Welcome to the U.S. Shopping sparing service!

BAZAR is always fast payouts, individual conditions, a huge list of accepted, best conditions and bonuses .

BUYING in USA: Non-luxury (0 to `). We buy almost everything from your drops and resellers. You send information about the product, we call a percentage for which we are ready to pick up. There is also the option of calculating after the sale. In this case, the percentage is naturally higher. Sale on average takes 8-9 days. Liquid is temporarily not accept. Soon this direction will also resume.

PROFITS: From 30% to 60%. Payable in Bitcoin. Percentages are negotiated for each item separately, in advance.

PAYMENTS: Paid on delivery and inspection of goods in stock. Payment of credited funds at the moment of request, immediately, without delay. Payout only in BTC.

BONUSES: 100% payout for every 10th package of $1000 or more within 30 days.

Friends, we will be glad to offer you the best conditions. Long term cooperation is a priority. Contact us: [emailprotected] bazarservice

ssn dob dl fullz shop

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