Staphim via Multi-MEmu Android Emulator (2017)” best cc sites for carding

A good alternative to the PC virtual machine is to use an Android emulator. I’ll explain it using MEmu as an example. This program allows to emulate different Android devices and thus outsmart AFS shops or sticks, the emulator is available at the following link: . By the way, the emulator works crookedly on a virtual machine, so it’s best to run it on a host.

If you want to use MEmu with VIP72, you need to edit the rule in Proxifier. Click Proxifier top profile, Proxyfication rules, select the rule, is in firefox.exe in “applications”, then down (to edit, then click Browse and specify the path to “memuheadless.exe” usually: Program Files Microvirt MEmuHyperv MEmuHeadless.exe, then MEmu traffic will pass through the VicSock selected in VIP72.

In the emulator you can also create, clone or edit any number of Android virtual machines. Change IMEI.

Apps like eBay, Gmail, whatsapp, facebook, paypal can be installed directly through playstore (with google account) or you can install apk file directly in MEmu (right in apk panel icon).

Good luck in business!

best cc sites for carding

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