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Make money to E-gold, Moneybookers, PayPal and other payment systems.

To begin with, hacking e-gold or paypal systems is beyond the capabilities of most people. The most popular method to get/steal money from these payment systems is using social engineering or trojans.

But that’s not what my story today will be about, it will be about how to get what we need without any software or eloquent words. Let’s start with the fact that many of you carders/hackers use the same password on different resources (e-mail, webmoney, forum ets.). If you think it’s enough that one of these sites/servers is vulnerable and fall into the hands of bad uncles, they also can get access to your accounts, mailboxes, accounts etc. which are protected by the same password.

Various payment systems, such as: paypal, moneybookers, webmoney, have developed more and more in the Internet in recent years. In principle, once you get a hold of one of these accounts, even a fool would understand how to transfer/cash out money from it.

So, we take a site where people use our payment system, preferably a commercial resource, we break it ourselves or order a hacker we know (good thing it’s not such a scarce service nowadays)


Get the user base from there and see about this picture: into_members( name:Vasja lastname:Pupkin login:vasja password:1ed76d35f95379c1ed76d35f95379c22 email:[emailprotected] city:Moscow country:Russia ip: payaccount:e-Gold paynumber:123861)

We can see almost everything we need right away, only the password will be encrypted if the admin is not completely dumb.

Regarding decryption, it should be handled with the utmost care and patience, because the more complex a person’s password, the more likely they are to use it everywhere.

When you are done with the decryption, we look at the result of our work in order to sort out passwords which will not exactly match the akts of the payment system. According to what principle it is done; each site or payment system has its own rules for creating user passwords. For example, in the payment system E-gold password should consist of at least 6 characters, plus it must contain both letters and numbers, for example, vasja1. Moneybookers – minimum 6 symbols, the password can’t consist only of letters, but it can be 123456. Paypal – a minimum of 8 any signs password, for example 12345678 or aaaaaaaaaa. For other systems, you can easily find your password rules by clicking on Register Sign Up Create new account. When you select a user password, it will say what the password should be next to it.

When we look at the output of our decrypted data and see, for example, that a lot of passwords do not comply with those rules, we immediately discard some of the information we do not need, with the other part of the information we already start to work closely.

We have all the data you need for this and do not forget to configure the settings on your computer and browser for the American computer. Also it is not recommended to log in with one proxy for 100 accounts in a row, because later it may cause automatic blocking of your account.


E-gold in 80% of cases when trying to access another account it asks you to enter the PIN which was sent to the e-mail sent to the account.

Moneybookers will ask you for your DOB

Intgold will need a second password for transit


P.S. This system has been working very successfully for years and brings a lot of money to me and my clients. So go for it

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staples carder mesh back fabric

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