Start-up capital” site to buy fullz

Option1 : you can make a pretty good amount of dough $ 5-6k for 1 1.5 months for sure. Everything is done by the pattern.

-: a very long time, not less than 1 month. The K-Division will not doze off, and they will search hard. It is not always possible if there is a lack of communication component. Knowledge of English at the level of writing without mistakes, translate correctly with a dictionary. Very time-consuming work. Requires a very large amount of time a day. Sometimes you have to make phone calls and communicate.

Task: We create profiles of sweet boys and beautiful girls in the countries of India. Each questionnaire is filled out originally, no less than 5-6 photos!!! Attention and no hint in the purpose of acquaintance to sex!!!! All must be rank and decent. The purpose of friendship, correspondence and EVERYTHING! Moreover, boys get acquainted to both boys and girls and girls only to boys. Questionnaires should be created at least 40-50 in different countries and cities.

Purpose: To lure money from the pindos. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the Internet, for a ticket to their loved ones, for a sick mom for an operation, it’s up to the situation.

The main thing: Believe everything that you yourself will tell, become the first and only friend for the pindos, empathize, worry for real!!!! Bring him gradually to the question of money. It is better to play it safe once you have the first money, rent an apartment, anonymous Internet, etc. Vprinpipa this case can even put on stream and I know people who have a good kush with this I will not reveal newans, because the theme is still running, and quite successfully so… With experience will come everything!

Variant 2 You think that the first variant is not for you, I agree it needs a hell of a lot of patience If you have a little skills in programming then № 2 is for you. This is a fairly simple option. 1.Nahodim affiliate which pays cents for the traffic, ie, attendance of any resource (forward to the search engines, register in the webmasters forum can ask there at the smart people, etc.) 2. Create a popular (or other free hosting) with an auto-link to the site affiliate. 3.There is a problem where to get traffic? If you want to search for it yourself, it is very long and hard, tedious and practically useless. How to pay for it? But we don’t have WMZ. Again dating web-sites can help us!!!!!!!!! We create profiles, put fucking pictures of chicks, the more the better… Some of them are photoshopped with a link to our people site… We create 20-30 such profiles a day. We’re sitting here rubbing our hands together. We’re waiting to cash out. You can even count: I knew an affiliate where, for a visit to the site paid 2 cents. There are 20 profiles a day. Each has 300 views. Let’s say 100 people saw och…yu chick in your picture and clicked on the link to your site. Multiply 20*2*100 and you have $40 net profit per day… Without investing any money at all on your end.

The main thing: Questionnaires need to be created regularly, as admins ban them. This site also get banned after some time, so be careful and do not miss this moment. Please confirm or refute my opinion about traffic.

You finally have your first money. A sense of euphoria sets in. i can do anything!!!!! A VERY big temptation to fuck up, to plunk down this first VMMZ as well as all the easy money (I for example so did my first $100 in BK, what I still regret was weak in spirit). All the chips are that you need not fuck this money, and skillfully invest it in your education. And to do this you need to set a goal at the beginning, what do you need it for? Buy cs learn to get into, akki to see and feel what it is, and maybe all the same logs, or rent them whore, because their own virgin does not have enough time? It’s up to you. The main thing that the choice was correct and you do not blame yourself. There’s nothing left. It’s frustrating sometimes. – This article is still raw. Options will be added. As well as corrections will be made. Reviews If disclosed someone’s topic sorry, but I think it’s unlikely all have long known about it . I apologize in advance for the crooked language as this is the first article by the author. I hope someone will need my experience.

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