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Article for those who are going to expand business and invest in Drop Project under staf.

Today Clothes Carding is becoming more and more interesting as an area of additional investment and profit increase, primarily due to the ease and speed of launching the project and the instant payback in 1 month, and sometimes just 1 product can pay off all the costs of the Project.

How much $ does it take to run a project under staf?

Drop project with documents (500-1000$), Admin (300-500$), Response (2-3$ per person, buy will need 100-300 response), Domain, hosting (20-30$ per year), Telephony (skype/sip 10$ per month), Caller (your employee 300-500$ per month)


Coder. Responsibilities: Coder can tweak the site, install the admin, install the site on hosting (optional character. The site can tweak the Seller if necessary, and to install the site just copy it to hosting). By an admin panel is almost always a guide to install and if you know a little bit about it – then it will not be difficult to install it yourself) If you still decide to take a team of coder, it is better to find it is not on the carding forum and on any platform, where tusuyutsya freelancers. You will get a person who is not in the subject (which will not use on the side of your drop project and not zayet/sell it), and also the price of the coder will be minimal, for example, $ 5 per hour. Coder need not pay salary, he just is always at your fingertips and does the dirty work. Install the site on hosting, configure mail, create a database for admin panel, set the admin panel, it will all cost you $ 10 and the coder will do it for 1 hour. Such dirty work is desirable to delegate and free up your time.

Caller/Support. Responsibilities: Correspondence with employees (mail), interviews with applicants (calls), support of employees during work (calls mail) If you can do without a coder, you can’t do without a caller! Consider the options where you can find a caller and what are the pros and cons.

Call Services.

If you’re a beginner and trying to save money when starting up, there’s no point in going to Prozine Services – it will cost you too much. Why? When you work with Call Center Services, you have to pay a monthly fee in advance. Services primarily focus on large customers, from which you get the main profit, so your tasks may not be completed in a timely manner, especially if the service does not have many operators.

Among the advantages of working with services are:

Great experience, which increases every day, callers know what to say and how to behave in different situations. Minimal probability that the service will cheat you or take the staf to their addresses.

In any case, it is worth collecting contacts of all services on the phone, to clarify how much it will cost to maintain your drop project. Maybe when you need to make an urgent call or there is a problem, and in this case, you will want to seek help from a more professional performer.


With each passing day, the number of free printers increases, many people have just come into this field, some performers split off from the services and begin to work for themselves, some are working for the services and in parallel for themselves, but the services do not know about it


Among the advantages of working with such free players are the following:

You won’t have to pay up front. Prices for their services can be significantly lower than those of the services. With them you can always agree to work on partnership terms. Such a performer may know something and you will gain new knowledge and later will be able to mount them. If such a performer is responsible and works only for you – the work will be done in a timely manner. You said to call now – he calls right now.

Among the disadvantages of working with such performers are the following:

There is a possibility that you will be cheated on the stuff (there are many ways to do this, and if you are not experienced enough to keep everything under control – you can get into trouble not only with your goods, but also with the goods of those people who will make it to your address, as a result you will not be able to get even with them and get the status of forgers on the forum and then can not work)

There is a chance that the performer can use your addresses for his own purposes (as well as to scam other people) Such a performer may say that the work is being done, but in reality do not even call, or ask to make calls to other people/services, and then demand from you to pay by blackmailing you, like here I work and I need money, yes, we agreed that you will pay in a month, but I need now, I have signed 5 contracts. And if not, I’ll call now all and say that this is a scam and you lose all droops. Under such blackmail you can pay a small amount, and then you realize that your employees did not call anyone at all, and contracts, etc. were fake. (there are a lot of scenarios how a performer can cheat a dp owner, so you should always keep your ear to the ground)

Tips, What can you do?

Partnership: If you do not want to spend money at the start, try to agree that you will pay the staf when the fence it will pay (fence must be a reputable, which will confirm to the caller, that the product goes to him and he is going to buy it), or the artist does part of the work, you pay a small amount and so on in stages, or part of the money and then %. Think about the option that will suit you best. But if the caller will be interested in the work, for example will be in the share – perhaps he will make more effort.

Win2Win: Win-Win Negotiation. Only this kind of communication between the dp owner and the doer (caller) leads to a long-term partnership. Do not try to bribe the performer and do not let them bribe you in the process of negotiation. Everyone risks in this subject, you with your money and the caller with his time, so look for common ground that suits you both. Often during the negotiation process you may see that the person is too suspicious or emotional and not a good fit for you.

Keys: Always make the key points depend on you and control everything. Then there will be an interest in you. For example, if only you know (or someone you know) how to make expensive goods/products that are in high demand/high volume, or you have connections such as Buyers who will pay more or earlier in time. Don’t tell your schemes, don’t share your contacts. As long as the key points depend on you, you will be in the dumps.

What to look for when selecting:

Gather performers by posting relevant advertisements on forums. Ask for call records, ask who they have worked with (prepare a list of questions in advance). Find out what kind of experience they have, what they know, how they can help, what their ideas are, whether they are working for other projects/services. Look how often the person is online, maybe the dialer has created an additional jabber contact for you and visits it only occasionally. Then we can assume that he is not clean. If you have deposited money in the guarantor – then you guarantee to the caller that he will get his money, provided that the work is done in time or properly (but you do not risk at least this amount and you do not have to pay it in advance) Agree on a list of duties and deadlines, who should do what and when and what will happen if the caller will not perform their work on time (for example, that he will be deducted some money, his %, part of the future profit, as these funds you may need to pay, as well as to the future of the caller’s income. So give out a little bit of feedback to each caller and see the result. Don’t give all the feedback to one person, maybe he will make the addresses and use them himself and you will never realize it.

There is a third way How to find a caller.

You post an ad on job search sites/other related resources. Today there are more people who are fluent in foreign languages than you think. All that remains is to select the best of them and teach them a little bit of our craft. 8 out of 10 of these callers, in the process of work they realize that this is a scam, but despite this they are already consciously continue to work with you. If they work with you, they can get a decent pay (2-3 times higher than at their regular job) and they also have all day free (if they work for Yusa and the working day starts only in the evening); moreover, they work at home, which means there is no need to go anywhere, and besides they can go for a walk, go shopping, watch the baby/grandma etc.


Among the advantages are:

Callers work only for you, so scamming is excluded. Pay them a little and at the end of the month. A large number of callers will allow you to use them for additional purposes and projects. You are in full control of the process, they will be happy to work with you, they will not blackmail you or extort money. The caller is always on call, every day calls according to your schedule.

Among the disadvantages are:

Lack of experience, especially in conflict situations with drops. Time to collect and prepare can take 1-2 weeks. The caller may refuse to work if he or she realizes that it is a scam and you are using it. If you have little experience, you may have difficulty finding and training such people, perhaps you are willing to pay more and use a freelancer or service.

First pancake. Tips.

When first starting a DP, try not to invest a lot of financial resources, as there will be many pitfalls. It is better to go through the process once and understand everything from A to Z and improve your skills later on.

Don’t buy a lot of feedback. Buy a minimum amount of feedback, and sometimes there are Sellers/people who have feedback that they do not use/need and are willing to sell it even cheaper or just give it to you on the terms of Partnership. If you are still picking up callers, give out 20-30 questionnaires each and look at the results of each caller, listen to records of calls, ask sevrisy do an assessment (for money, for example, if you do not understand a foreign language and can not assess the performer itself to the level of knowledge) . Find out why drop-ins refuse to work, listen to callers’ opinions, and maybe you will immediately decide to get rid of some callers, suspecting something wrong.

Don’t invest in abusive servers. A regular hosting and domain, which you can buy for 1 year for 20-30 dollars is enough to start with.

Newsletter. After you have bought an application you need to send all the applicants emails. Who will send them and how will he do it? If you have 2-3 thousand candidates, you will not be able to send such amount of e-mail messages manually. Moreover, if you are doing it from the domain where your Drop project is located, you may get it blocked for spam, despite the fact that you have not even begun to work with drops. There are some online services like sendpulse or mailchimp that offer convenient ways to send a large number of messages. This is very convenient, but first you need to find a service you can work with because all of them have their own pitfalls, requirements, checks too.

Choose a dialer/s that you will be sure about, control them, listen to what questions they ask you, whether they are suspicious, see what their online status is, how they behave, what results they show.

Reach for a response. Re-dispatch those candidates who didn’t reply to your emails, or maybe your emails were spammed or didn’t get through at all. That’s how you squeeze the maximum amount of people out of your candidates, who will later become your droppers.

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Wishing you success [head hunter]

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