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Fraud detection service workflow

All online stores that accept credit cards use so called Credit Card Fraud Detection service (hereinafter CCFDs).


The essence of his work is to quantify the likelihood of a fraud. CCFDs calculate the so called Fraud Score (hereinafter FS) using a formula based on known risk factors of trades and their influence on the possibility of a fud. For orders whose FS is 2.5 or higher, it is recommended that the shop make a hold to verify the barer or require the barer to Telephone Verification.

Fraud factors:

1-E-mail Domain-Mousehold domain = see the soap, typed into the shop, if hosted on a domain with free soaps, like Hotmail.

2-Geographic Source-IP = Matching the country that the entry IP points to with the country from the Holder address.

3-Anonymous Proxy = If the IP entered by matches the IP from Anonymous Proxy database.

4-High Risk Country = if the IP or billing address points to one of the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Macedonia.

5-Distance-Distance = Distance between the place where the IP is gaping and the billing address.

6-Bin Number Match = The country whose bank issued the card matches the country of the IP address (check with the bin).

9-Carder E-mail E-mail = If the entered e-mail address is contained in the database of known carders .

10-Open Proxy-Public Proxy = If IP enter a public proxy.

11-Spam-spam = if spam was sent from an IP

And now, the formula for calculating FS:

FS = 2.5 * isFreeEmail 2.5 * countryDoesntMatch 5 * highRiskCountry 10 * min(distance,5000) / maxEarthArc 2 * binDoesntMatch 5 * carderEmail 2.5 * proxyScore spamScore/3 maxEarth = 20037.

ZZY: I personally discovered that also takes into account the distance from the point to which points IP to the billing address. ZZY: I apologize for the Russian language, the article was written in 15 minutes, as they say, on the knee. If the article was interesting for someone, I can rewrite it in a normal form and more detailing similar CCFDs of other systems.

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