Stuff for free from 2017″ social security number dumps

What we need to get stuff (almost) for free:

1) with soap aces (not advertising, I do not sell the aces, who sells too, I do not know), look at the histories of the aces was not younger than 6 months and they paid by Rechnung (payment later) min 500. From his experience I will say 90% of the acre from the logs fit. 2) Socks, in my case vip72 but also fit any socks are also deads and ssx 3) Configured system for the de, in my case I take android emulator MEmu, how to configure look here showthread.php?t=195246

As Gagarin said, let’s go!

1) start the system 2) install your sock 3) install otto app on the emulator, if you are using VM/PC, just go to the browser 3) take the account, log in and browse minutes 10-15, do not try too hard, once a minute click on different accounts, you can search for something 4) Select what we need, put into the shopping cart (in principle schlut all from 500-700 per bag) 5) close the app or browser if you work with VM/PC 6) Wait 1-2 hours, but it is advisable to wait longer, Evening to hammer in the morning to have the order 7) Come back to the farm, do not change anything, go straight to order there do not change the address or soap, put alternativ adresse to the address drops or Paketshop. 8) delete soap from the Holder and add soap otto in spam. 9) hang the name of Holder on the box at the drop. 10) As the pack dropped at the post office go to the stub that was thrown in the box pick up the package 11) All

Good luck in business

PS: For those who are in the tank, the theme I merge because I’m not a staffer and why do not work to pass

social security number dumps

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