Stuffing from your phone, pouring a stick and changing spleps on the fly (2018)” no cvv websites

Sometimes if antiques do not help, I have to work from the phone to android is RANDOM in one country or another. Sometimes apps on the phone stinks programs like ProxyDroid, so I decided to write how to tie socks/ssh to the phone via a router.

Let’s start with the phone: 1) Take preferably a Chinese phone with a MediaTek chip and one SIM card. In principle you can take any phone, but the pipe with MediaTek changes IMEI software do not need to flash 20 times. 2) Root it, there is plenty of information how to do it on the internet. 3) Create a new google account (IMPORTANT) 4) Set the desired language and time for the country. 5) From Play Store put Chamelephon and Device ID Changer 6) Launch the programs, generate all new info and turn off the phone. Phone ready.

Now it’s turn of WiFi Router: There are two options here. You can buy a ready-made WiFi Router with a sock port (they sell it for $200 on Axpra) or you can take your note and make a WiFi hotspot out of it.

For your WiFi hotspot you need a computer (laptop) with two network cards and Ubuntu. It can be either LAN, WiFi or two WiFi cards, no difference. 1) Make a gaiter to connect the phone to the notebook as Wifi, see pictures here 2) Configure socks or ssh tunnel, in pictures here 3) To prevent WebRTC from being panned on the phone, you must prescribe

in Ubuntu

4) In order not to distort DNS, on my router (not on the virtual, but on the hardware) I put the Dns of the country, under which we work. All set to work!

Doing the job: 1) turn on your phone, 2) connect to the virtual SSID 3) check whoer should be IP sock and webRTC enabled but not trample real IP 4) set paypal app and amazon app 5) take the shares from the logs and in front of shopping.

On palka gives 500-2500$ depending on that you will do at once or not, will do you sms confirmation and so on. On Amazon depends on the akah, but also gives normal. As the akas are worked out, return the phone to the factory settings and repeat everything with the phone from point 3.

You can also play with GPS Spoofing, what would be the geolocation of the address of the Holder, I think will give many times more. It is not difficult to do too APR.


Q: Can I do the same with iPhone? A: It is possible, but only a couple of times, because you can kill your iPhone, but the IMEI and APPLE ID (or whatever it’s called) can’t be changed, it is hardwired into the chip, as far as I know, but I could be wrong. And if you jerk on one IMEI and APPLE ID, stick will censor everything after the third entry.

Q: If you have IMEI and Product ID from android bot, you can make a clone of the victim’s phone? A: You can only need to hand-correct the android version and phone model, but if you take the IP next to it, the phone will be (almost) a clone.

Q: Can I work with several accounts simultaneously on one phone? A: You can, but you don’t need to make several users on the phone, because the stick ARP keeps all users’ data in one place, and it will burn it right away. If you want to work with more users on one phone, it is necessary to make the phone’s sparshots. It looks like this, connect the phone to the laptop via USB, copy folder /usr to a hard drive and then reset the phone, make a new user, and again make a snapshot if needed the first ac, reset and fill data again on the phone. If you want and time will write as it is done.

Q: Why is everything so complicated, you can put ProxyDroid and shop directly from your phone? A: Maybe, but I tried it in the beginning and it didn’t work. The ProxyDroid even on a rooted phone was not working properly. Proxy only worked in browser but was discarded by WebRTC, proxy as Play Store and palaver worked directly, i don’t know why, but it may be possible to make it work as it should, but WebRTC will be discarded by the palaver error anyway.

Q: Is it possible to work on casi like this? A: I honestly haven’t tried it, but I’ll tell you, not just possible but necessary. Mobile hardware without asking for a device is a thousand times better than any dedicates. But I would not take a phone with a sock but a tablet and ssh and you can easily work on the casino.

Q: The epa stick signals that the phone is tame, is it not critical? A: Maybe it does, but I won’t say whether it’s critical or not, at least I haven’t noticed it.

PS: Decided to put up copypaste showthread.php?t=188592 from there not everyone can see

no cvv websites

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