Sunscreen, laptop, skimmer, and goggles, and the season is on.” unicc forum

Spring has come, holders rushed on holiday to fill up with vitamins, carders rushed behind holders to fill up with holders’ money, because after the prolonged New Year holidays need to replenish their purses, so that by the summer could be shrouded in holding and a few months to forget about work ))

And so I want to give you a small overview of the countries with brief statistics on our observations, which hopefully will help you in choosing a country. 1. Thailand

Thailand is a country where it is warm almost all year round and you can relax and work there all year round. The country itself is not a wealthy country, but there are mostly rich tourists. I recommend to choose places near good bars and 5 star hotels.

The lineup in thailand is mostly: sofas 50% teeth 40% Discos (Diebolds). 10%

Antiskimers 15%. Balances $500-$1000 2. OAO

OAO is a country rich in oil, sheikhs, the largest companies register their offices and accounts here for money laundering, the only 7-star hotel in the world, but all this applies mainly to the center of Dubai, the situation in the provinces is much worse. The tourists tend to be over 30 years old, usually wealthy, so it’s a pleasure to work there. Among the locals there are whole quarters of the rich, who have armed guards walking around the perimeter of 3-meter fences like in the movies, but with such personal security there are a lot of atmos that are not even observed from external video cameras.

ATMs in this country are mostly: sofas 80% citroens 20%

Antiskimers 10%. Balances average $1-2k,

but saw a balance of 27k on Gold, and often came across balances from 5k to 8k. Daytime limits are not common. so it’s possible to withdraw the entire balance in 15 minutes. 3. Morocco

Morocco, not many tourists are going there now. The majority will rush there in about 1-2 months, but there is an interesting feature of this country. In the city of Casablanca, there is a famous mosque and when there is a Muslim holiday a lot of people descend there. It is necessary to choose places not where there are mass gatherings, because in such places as a rule there are a lot of police, and they are just attentive to everything around.

In this country about Sofas 80% Disco (diebold) 10% Citroen 10%

Antiskmers 0.01% In the near future people will go to countries like Spain, Italy, France, etc. In all of these countries as our experience shows it is also possible to work successfully. Spain is a great country to work, a lot of tourists there, not too intrusive police, antiskimers around 20%. Mostly common models:

citroen 40% couch 40% cog 20%

Antisquimers 20%

Generally one of the best countries for work, but big cities like Barcelona are already taken, so it’s better not to go there.

There are a lot of anti-skimmer carsin Italy (especially south of Italy), but people have come up with a special machine that cuts them down and there are several groups that work around Italy with success. It’s mostly citroens and cogs there.

If we look at France, it can be divided into south and north. In the south of France is not very warm now, so tourists are not very much, but on the coast there are a few museums, there you can work, and the holiday season will start there in 2-3 months, so at this time can work off museums, and then the sunbathers. Moreover, if you take into account that people go there as a rule well-to-do, it’s a tidbit for the work. North of France is interesting cities that have museums, such as Paris, here’s where there is life, there was one case we set the device on the atm near the Eiffel Tower, the result has surpassed all expectations! Model range in France as much as possible satisfies our fleet of devices, there are Citroenes and sofas, in the south predominate sofas, in the north more Citroenes.

So to sum up:

1. You don’t have to wait for the holiday season to get started. 2. If you want to go to the resort, stock up on sunscreen. It is very nice to sit on the beach and receive a text message with dumps, you will get sunburned if you get involved.


So, gentlemen, sunscreen, laptop, skimmer, and glasses, and the season has begun.

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