Technical overdraft, minus on the debit card. Gas station scheme” icici debit card cvv number

Hello, today decided to reveal a scheme that has been in operation in the UK for quite some time to drive debit and credit cards into over limit debt.

A technical overdraft is an exceeding of the payment limit when the customer was able to make purchases for more than the amount available in the account. An overdraft, in fact, is not a loan as it has no obligation of the customer to repay the debt to the bank within a specified period of time, but most banks treat it negatively as it is the bank that bears the loss from such actions and the assets, in most cases, become negative.

This scheme uses the payment authorization feature. When you pay for petrol at a petrol station, the money is not deducted immediately, but is frozen on the card. For example, you decide to fill up with £50 worth of petrol. What happens? The bank makes a £1 preauthorisation and the money is frozen on the card at the time of payment. This means that you have £50 on your card, you have £49 left on your card and £1 is still authorised. Then after the authorisation period has passed, the bank changes the amount on the statement and instead of £1 there is a request to debit £50.

What is the procedure for this scheme:

You take a chip card from a bank of any country (please note that some banks do not allow this type of authorization requests in a row or in large quantities). On the card you put the amount, for example, 80 pounds. Then made 80 purchases up to 100 pounds (above 100 pounds the bank asks for authorization online with a full debit), and each time you have written off on 1 pound. In total you’ve received just under £8,000 worth of petrol (or other goods). Next, the goods you received are leaked to the fence for a %. After a few days, instead of £80, you have a minus £8k on your card in card currency.

This scheme works not only at petrol stations, but everywhere else where this type of authorisation works. The basic principle of operation is glossed over in the article, without giving exact details, the amount of £100 is taken at the time of operation.

And also, kindly ask not to work by the country in which you live. Topic on the bank forum Automated Fuel Dispenser (Fraud)

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