The basics of skimming, or how not to get caught up in buying” buy cvv dumps

Buyer wishing to purchase a skimmer. Buy in this case. It has long been realized that it is not enough to go the way number 1, type in Google or YouTube kosher and racially correct to buy a skimmer and voila, the deed is done. That is, the deed will be precisely done, but if the buyer guessed all the same to do so, he will usually not cleverly, and without intricacies, deceived and scrolled, well, the money appropriated by the buyer for the purchase, quickly pumped into the account ripper, well, he in turn, they easily master with blackjack and whores **.

There is also way 2, the buyer can guess, there are some forums! A good idea always comes at the right time… but sometimes at the wrong time…

And so, the buyer realized, take it only on the forum! But on which one is not clear, again the right combination of words in Google, and the forum is found, the product is ordered, but the forum turned out to be a fraudulent… Buyer has entered the cache in the guarantor of the fraudulent forum, he was quickly banned and sent back to where life begins, as Esenin said By the way fraudulent forums are not always possible to distinguish from non-fraudulent. For well, not on his knees concocted a forum can have such chips as: (underline) its website with copyright and links; its server with redhat and gateways; its linux with batch manager and non-boring wallpapers

There is a third way. The buyer didn’t give up, new knowledge has emerged, you should only order goods from verified forums on carding specialization.

Buyer explored Google typing more and more combinations of words and still found several profile forums. He registered and made sure these forums were not scams. By this time the buyer has already acquired the ability to screen out the fraudulent forums, ability to use Google more carefully, and in some cases. the ability to use the Tor system (sometimes: tor, cake, chippolino, garlic, , actually: The Onion Router) – kosheg means of anonymization on the Internet. For the lazy paranoiacs, it comes in the form of a separate Tails operating system and a Whonix suite

and even a hunch about a possible Vpn installation

There are not many forums worthy of attention, but they do exist. One of such forums and is verified, good, well-proven forum with attentive and adequate administration, a good set of different verified services, all vendors who provide their services on this board, have been tested by the administration and usually showed their services to pass the test in the neighboring forums.

It’s done! The buyer did manage to find the forum and register… And registration can be not so easy.In some cases, it requires tambourine dancing. On some forums registration only by invitation, where you need the invites, where is exclusively paid registration, where it is necessary to install TOR on the computer.

And so, the buyer on the forum, at once naturally for a while banned, (for prevention) because so much happy from so many members, interesting articles and other things, that instead of that quietly read and gain knowledge, decided to pre-shake out of his head dope directly into the forum, and well nafludil a bunch of questions and no coherent text. Forgetting, of course, to read the rules of the forum.

But the time for which the ban is lifted has passed and the meme has been resurrected and can post on the forum again.

The knowledge in the head of such a memeber has increased, extra dope was knocked out by a timely administration ban, and enlightenment came by itself.

Well of course member a couple of times was thrown, because either not all the knowledge came into his head or this knowledge did not fit there, because not all the crap was knocked out of his head. In general, our young member has not understood at once, checked forum, it does not mean that you can work without a guarantor.

Well, as they say, it’s better in the morning, and our young buyer in the evening before going to sleep, putting the laptop under the pillow (for knowledge) woke up in the morning and realized … everything, everything is understood urgently to buy a skimmer … because that’s exactly what he was missing.

From time to time our young shopper has had various clever thoughts before, like buy D P straight in Vkontakte.

That’s it. Now it’s up to the memeber to decide. Skimm needs to buy anyway. And of course with a slow step on the run, that more and again, but with a run to jump on the same rake, well, in principle, it is understandable, the memmber decided to step on the rake, until these rakes break on his powerful forehead, because his head is already full of knowledge.

But here the memeber’s eyes accidentally find an article written by Uncle Marcus on the forum. Title of the article…Basics of skimming, how not to get into trouble when buying.

The memeber begins to read the text… more and more closely… closer and closer… some kind of déjà vu our young friend thinks…

The basics of knowledge proper. Mostly found Audio and Flash technologies In other words, flash and audio skimmers

Now audio is preferable, more profitable and better in many criteria. Naturally, there are advantages to flash.

Flash usually reads 10-50% of all card traffic passed through skimmer, assuming that there are no protections on atma and depending on the quality of electronics. Or does not read at all, if we speak about modern realities in some countries and regions.

Audio reads 100% on atm. Of course % can move depending on 1) quality of audio electronics 2) quality of the muzzle, housing of the skimmer itself 3) protections installed on the atm 4) crookedness of installers

Flash skimmers generally cannot be placed on rabbits, is not recommended to be placed on jitters. The readout will be missing in this case. In general does not read it was written above.

rab, it’s radio electronic warfare, proactive anti-skimming, forums usually write magnetic noisemakers

audio skimmers can be installed on atm with magnetic protection, and shielded audio skimmers can be installed on atm with REB. Of course there are certain nuances in installing on noise.

Audio skimmers can be put on atmas with jitters.

On forums it is possible to find the equipment of different manufacturers, verified sellers, resellers, resellers (the same resellers, but in some cases with their boost and exceptions with boost and exceptions applied to rework of mossy projects) well as bushmen, shady characters and other interesting personalities.

When making a transaction, adhere to this model agreement, and the notes

1) Buyer and seller negotiate the skimmer model directly in jabber. Details of the equipment package Details of the equipment price Details of whether the shipping costs are included in the price or are added separately

Detailed negotiate once again the price of the equipment, what is and is not included in this cost.

2) the buyer and seller create a thread in the guarantor. According to guarantor rules. Guarantor rules are about the same on different forums. Buyer and seller write down the transaction value and equipment package.

3) the buyer pays the guarantor

4) the seller arranges shipment of the equipment. The buyer is informed of the shipping track. According to the shipping track, the buyer can monitor the goods’ movement through the courier company’s website.

5) the purchaser receives the equipment. Buyer tests the equipment within a specified time from the date of receipt of the equipment. The test should be done within 3 days as standard. The test should be done on the atma. Attach skimmer. Drag the card several times. Remove the card skimmer Send the test to the merchant, check that the decrypted dump corresponds to the test card dump. If the equipment is flash and immediately writes ready, personally make sure that the dump from the atm is correct. Now in details, sometimes you are offered to do the test on your hands, as a rule these are sellers of flash skimmers, on your hands will certainly read all symbols, if the quality is not too bad, but you should not test on your hands, immediately check the readout on atma.

6) if everything is ok, ok. Dump is the same as that of the verification card. Buyer writes to guarantor that payment can be transferred from guarantor to buyer’s account.

If something is not satisfactory, the buyer can count on a replacement. In disputed situations, an arbitrator is involved.

It’s usually easy for services to go to work through a guarantor, which should be right


Some forums’ rules policies do not prohibit transactions through third-party forum guarantors.

Each service may have its own rules for conducting transactions or features (of conducting transactions)


For example in our Skimming Service,

Transaction is possible through any guarantor of one of the profile forums, is decided by agreement of the parties when discussing the transaction

Delivery guarantee. If the goods get stuck for example at customs or at a courier company, a new piece of equipment will be sent to the buyer, repeatedly and free of charge. Sending is possible to all countries without exception.

Free consulting and recommendations for equipment selection. It is possible to provide a technical support contact after the transaction. Responsive support team is always available and ready to help with any technical questions.

Well, for an additional fee, support is ready to support the conversation on any topic, discuss fitonyashki, TP, ovulaschiki, RSP, etc. (and just throw pictures and jabber jokes)

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