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[RUS] The service was given a second name: “The most meticulous project of the year”, the details are more important than anything else. We have established ourselves by other services with things like quality, timeliness and honesty. Constantly introducing new features, without standing still. I assure you LuxSocks is no exception. This service was initially developed for “insiders” in 2008 and then was completely rewritten for public. An amazing userfriendly, which has no analogues, created not just to be beautiful and understandable, but to save client’s time. Opened in Beta-Mode.All suggestions and bugs in Pm or tickets, useful will surely be rewarded. There are a lot of ideas, it won’t be a problem, it will be interesting.

11 reasons to choose us: [ ] A new offering in the sssh tunnel based sssh market. High speed and uptime. [ ] Large range of countries and really regular replenishment. [ ] Service that produces automatic REFUND for non-working sox. [ ] Opportunity to redeem the sox. [ ] All soxes and tunnels are scanned for blacklist, blacksoxes are filtered. [ ] Always up to date geo definition. Our geo is 95% matches what googleogle gives us. [ ] Userfriendly minimum time to find the right sox. [ ] Free registration and flexible pricing. [ ] Maximum connection quality geo-distributed backconnect servers with good channel. [ ] Privacy only Linux systems are used with logs disabled. [ ] In-house tunnel mining technologies.

LuxSocks Features and Description: 1.Refund is made automatically, in the purchase history, if the sock has worked less than 2 hours after purchase. 2.There are two types of buying socks in modalk: -buy out means complete redemption of socks. In this case the juice will be excluded from the list of available to other users for 5 days and will go to personal use. -buy out – standard rent of a xbox. 3.The maximum time of a sox is 5 days. 4.It is impossible to buy the same socks twice.Socks are saved in history. 5.Not all socks5 support remote dns, pay attention to this when choosing. 6.SSH check automatically, money for non-working are not charged. 7.The ssh you bought are excluded from the list of available for purchase.

LuxSocks rules: Do not publish purchased socks/ssh in public places. Prohibited to use proxy for spam, outgoing smtp is blocked. More than 1 person is allowed to use the account. Service has the right to deny you the service without explanation, returning the remaining funds on the balance. User support is provided via tickets. Sappor does not provide advice on working with ssh tunnels.

Prices: Rent: $0.5 Redemption: $1

We accept:

WEB:LuxSocks.SU – striving for perfection. TOR:luxsocksruq3olxa.onion – commitment to excellence.

[ENG] Service has got a second name: The most meticulous service of the year!, details is matter of first class importantance. We showed ourselves as quilified, honest and very operative. We have introduced new features and never stood in place. I assure LuxSocks did not become an exception. It has been working for our guys only since 2008, then it has been reproduced for publicity. Greatest userfriendly interface has no analogues. It has been created to be nice and intuitive but also can help to save your time. Beta-mode is open. Any advices or bags found can be passed to us via PM or Ticket system. Useful ones will be awarded for sure.

11 reasons to choose us: [ ] New offer on the market socks on the base of ssh tunnel. High speed and uptime. [ ] Wide choise range and realtime regular updates. [ ] The Service, which REFUND bad socks automatically. [ ] An availability to buy out socks. [ ] All socks and tunnels are sorted and checked for blacklists, bad ones filtered. [ ] Correct GEO definition, always. Our GEO matches google with 95% chance. [ ] Userfriendly minimum time searching necessary socks. [ ] Free registration and flexible pricing. [ ] Best connection quality many distributed servers with good capacity. [ ] Confidentional only Linux systems used, logs off. [ ] Personal technologies for tunnels production.

Features and Description of LuxSocks: 1.Refund is issued automatically if socks works less then 2 hours, you can see hisotry. 2.There are two choises to buy socks: Buy Out means you reserve it. In this case socks will be disabled from the list of other for 5 days and become your personal. Buy standard rent of socks. 3.Maximum lifetime of socks is 5 days 4.It is not possible to buy same socks twice. Socks you buy is saved in recent history and disabled from the list of available for 5 days. 5.It is not all socks5 support remote dns. Please pay attention on it making a choise 6.SSH is checked automatically and you are not charged for bads. 7.Once you buy SSH it is excluded from the list of available.

LuxSocks Rules:

It is prohibited to publish socks/ssh you buy here in the places of public access. It is prohibited to use proxy for spam, outgoing smtp is blocked. It is allowed to use one account for 1 person only. We have a right to decline in service without any further explanation of issues. We provide full moneyback of unused balance in this case. Support is provided via tickets. Support representative do not provide instructions on how to use ssh tunnel

We accept:

WEB:LuxSocks.SU – striving for perfection. TOR:luxsocksruq3olxa.onion – striving for perfection.

the dump outlet

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