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Preface. There used to be, and many still do today, count the overall conversion rate, if you get 20 drops out of 1000 responses, then the conversion rate is 2%. But very few people pay attention to the little things, and especially to the fact that you can raise the conversion rate by several times with their help.

Hypothesis. Why is it that 1,000 people who are looking for a job and who are initially introduced to the responsibilities of the parcel job disappear without a trace afterwards? Let’s assume that 10% of them found a job and the same number of people rejected for some other reason and let this number be about 20-25%, then it is logical to assume that our online form should be completed by about 75% of people and if it is not happening, it makes sense to think why.

In the process of testing the hypothesis, the result was that 60% of people started filling out the form (out of 1000 responses, that’s 600 filled out forms). Below are some nuances that you might want to pay attention to, or maybe change in your business processes.

Time is money. Time is the most valuable human resource. Studies have shown that when a person opens a website or an email, they spend an average of 4-7 seconds deciding whether to read on or close. In many situations a person has several questions: Is it dangerous? Is it something new?

Barriers to entry. The more actions a person needs to take to get a result – the fewer people will get that result and come to the finish line. Barriers like inconvenient page/form views, information, complex text, registration and other action requirements – lead to lower conversions at every step.

Application/interview Many teams do not think about such a concept as time management. In classical work schemes, after the applicants have filled out the form, the caller starts to call everyone on the list, and as a result, many people do not pick up the phone and the time of the caller is not effectively spent. But even worse will be if at this wrong work and with constant shortcalls from the caller begins to drop the motivation, and as a consequence worsens the results, and the motivation of the caller – is directly related to your income. A simple way to organize the time of the caller at this stage is to add a field in the form, where the job seeker will indicate the time when it is convenient for him to be dialed. Then the caller’s schedule will be organized, he will know exactly when to call him and to whom, and based on this data he will be able to plan his work day more intelligently.

Offer/Contract After the interview, the job seeker is usually sent one of two documents, a job offer or an employment agreement. The job offer is a document, which is sent by the company before the contract is signed, in order to show the seriousness of the applicant, but the job offer is not a contract and does not bind anyone to anything. It is possible to send a job offer and then send a contract in parcels to be signed. Most people send a contract right away to obligate the candidate to be more serious about their commitment.

Admin It’s a good idea to send or upload a job description to the admin area. The more information you provide before the start of the job, the better the new employee understands the business process – the less questions he will have later on and as a result the less phone calls you will have to make. It often happens that owners of drop-in projects, especially newbies, use templates and put new employees in a situation where the new employee does not understand what he has to do and stops answering the phone and email.

Resend Maybe your first email didn’t reach the job seeker, or it fell into SPAM and was just deleted. Don’t forget to re-send them. The re-mailing emails are slightly different from the original, otherwise if a person gets emails and gets 3-4 of the same emails from you, it will be weird. Just change the top of the letter to about the following: On May 9, we wrote you a letter regarding your employment for position X, you may not have received the letter, so we are resending it to you. Using business correspondence elements when re-sending will slightly increase the conversion rate of any drop project.

Additional tools Forms i9, w4 Many people use forms as a mandatory action in the employment process and indeed in the US all new hires fill out forms. But few people use forms in the drop project process. Everyone is trying to take fewer steps and do the drop off quicker, but that doesn’t always end up being successful. It is not unreasonable to use forms as additional tools, thus you show the candidate that you are a legitimate company. Using additional tools in the process builds the trust of the dropship and keeps them viable during the work period. All forms are free and downloadable from the irs website, moreover, they are now already electronic in pdf.

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dump furniture store near me

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