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Good day to you Dear Carders. I want to tell you how once was the way to earn good money in the field of staf. The theme is interesting by its idea and I haven’t met its analogues = ). I think it will be interesting as a beginner and experienced in the field. So I ask in advance for that in detail will be disclosed. I want to say that the topic has not died, and now in principle, you can earn so much money, there are still a bunch of shops? Well, I think we will do without foreplay and jump right to the point. To work we need a standard set: Hands head system honed under the US Well, as well as material: SS sock (dedik) shop prosznozhnischik. Immediately say this theme is not suitable for all shops in UC (there are subtleties).

Get to the point, what exactly do we need:


p.1. DROP find a decent dropper with which to agree on the terms of work. p.2 SS also find a decent cardboard dealer, buy it from the SS, it is very that the city, or at least the state coincided with the city state of the given dump. Not only that CC need to buy a city DROPa, so there is one more nuansik = ). be sure that the street address was the type 1032 2nd St. Apt. 103 p.3 we need shop that sends to the SS without prorazvon and dokov, special attention that the shop should send to the SS without prorazvon to BILLING address. How to find such shops I raskazovat I will not tell you, because discussed it dozens of times. n.4 CALLER preferably also find in advance man, and agree with him on the price and scope of services.



Well supposedly we already have a .txt file where we saved everything we need (CC DROP SHOP). What do we do next? At this stage, all standard, start the system, clean, set the time, region, etc. We take a sock under the city of SS and go to the found (or already available) shop. And here begins the most interesting = ) We go to the shop, let’s say we know that he sends a laptop up to $ 800 for billing. So we order a laptop, also a standard procedure. As soon as we get to the payment page, we do not enter any shipping address, all we do on billing. This is where you have to be more careful. When we write the billing address we instead of 1032 2nd St. Apt. 103 we’ll write 1032 3rd St. Apt. 103 you can see the difference ) ? Next, the standard data are filled in for payment of CC click processing hope that the CC had enough money drum roll bababah we received the number of the warrant. HOORAY! ) but that’s not all = ) We are waiting for an answer in 24 hours.


In my experience out of 10 orders of 8 spiked let’s say we gave the track number. here is the package went (but we remember that the address is not correct) in the end, if everything is ok in the status UPS will be written that no one was home will be attempted tomorrow or what is the delivery address is not correct, we are trying to correct the address. Here comes our artillery = ) we write to the ringer that type Dear ringer, I need to call UPS to correct the address. Voobshchem give him the data on the parcel, from which shop it comes, etc. and the data where the correct, and it is the data DROP. Provost will only have to call and come up with a story as he, that is DROP, moved to another address to live because of the fact that the house repairs and ask to change the delivery address. There was never a problem with that either, the address was changed.

Here’s basically everything = ) 1-2 days later, the parcel is at home dropping) knocking dropovodu and get our %) or as you have agreed there. Simply this method can be called “redirect”

The way of this earnings disclosed to 95% = ) thank you all = )

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