The Tiger’s hijacking” ssn cvv

Decided to write about this shop, which many people think is not sending It is almost so, but not quite so. It’s just that there are certain features that make shopping there particularly difficult.

First strongly palyatsya drops (if a drop in it does not shippsya product in the rest of the store is also likely to fail). Clearly there is a common base freudovskih addresses with other stores (when phoning me and said we have at this address freud)


The checkout system is a miracle of hostile technology, asking you to enter the ccn and answer a few questions about related persons and addresses. If the answers are wrong, then theoretically can save the ringing (I have never saved). But if the answers are correct and the order amount is not a large 1-1,5K then 90% that the product will ship after a few hours.

To correctly answer the questions it is enough to use the paid reference such as, paying for the information with the Holder’s card. It is necessary to pay attention to the similarity of female names, as the surname may be a maiden name. If there are no similar addresses there, you can use, and if you enter the address, you may look at the city map and search there. In any case, in each question there is a variant of the answer (more than one does not fit), and they like to stick such questions.

Sometimes VBV saves you from all these troubles.

To summarize, it is possible to shop with dropshipping, but it is better to allocate a separate drop ship for each transaction, and if after receiving the drop ship, the card is not postponed, you can try to shop with this drop ship further. It’s better to consult with a dropper before shopping, as you might accidentally screw up a good dropper.

P.S. Shlyut all the shops all depends on your skills and farta %)

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ssn cvv

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