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Hello again. This may be the first time you’ve heard of it, maybe some of you know what it is, well maybe you’ve even worked with Google Adwords. I don’t know who you’re referring to, but there was a boom in adwords back in the day among us. And some of us have even got quite rich, thanks to him . Maybe this article is designed for an average person, in any case, I do not claim to be original, but I can’t recall any articles on the subject. I will even tell you where you should click with your mouse to avoid any discontent this time.

So Google Adwords is a contextual advertising system, with powerful campaign planning tools. In Russian, when you search for something via Google, you probably noticed that contextual advertising pops up on the right hand side. That’s to get amongst it, organizations/companies/businesses/sites are paying Google a pretty round sum of money. In our topic, Adwords is usually used to promote the same drop projects, catching visitors on exploits and looters, and more.

Registration is the simplest, we enter the pre-prepared email, it will be a login. In the letter you received, click on the link, log in and enter into the account. Pay attention to the message in the box, click on the proposed link and start entering billing-information. Here everything is too elementary. Your advertisement may appear in 10 seconds after the payment. If everything is OK, go back to Campaign Management and try to experiment with new addresses, keywords and prices, but I have described the standard. Thank you for your attention.

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