The whole truth about Web-money theft. A true story from life” credit card dumps 2020


Life is a complicated thing, we constantly find something and lose something. We should not be discouraged by losses, because life goes on and all the good is yet to come. Every failure in life gives us an invaluable experience. I want to tell you about one unpleasant story that happened to me. One day I decided to upgrade my desktop PC, as I got bored with work on old 1 GHz stump with 64 MB RAM. So I went to the shop and bought a brand new 3GHz desktop computer with 640MB RAM. My new machine had licensed Windows XP without any service packs. When all the new hardware was finally configured and maintained, key files from my Wm-keeper were successfully imported into my new machine. I have started to work in network on my new PC. Every day I couldn’t get up to install firewall and all the necessary updates to the crap hole called Windows. Orders were coming in and there was a lot of work, you know how it is…



One beautiful summer evening I was sending my partner a small amount of money, about 30 WMz, while including protection code of the transaction (I always include protection code by habit). After sending the money I sent in ICQ partner, I unsubscribe that money sent. In a couple of minutes the guy replied that he had not received any money from me. I was outraged and decided to check the history of my Z purse. What was my surprise when I saw that all my money (except 1 Wmz) had been transferred to my wallet Z unknown to me. And most interesting that protection code was enabled! (Code was not like the one I put when sending money). This fact surprised me . It was clear that me протроянили, as it happened I will tell a little later In 5 minutes I already spoke with service of support of WM to which it is possible to address on one of these phones: 7 (095) 727-43-33 Moscow. 7 (812) 336-43-18 St. Petersburg. 1 (212) 202-66-06 New York.

After explaining in color to the operator that I had been robbed, I asked them to block the offender’s Z-wallet. The operator responded instantly and the offender’s wallet was frozen. To my request to refund my money, the operator said that if the money had not been withdrawn from the WEBMoney, or transferred into another purse with the subsequent withdrawal of the system, the only way to win back honestly earned money is to apply to arbitration. Arbitration is a permanent dispute resolution service between participants of WebMoney Transfer. At the time of the theft I had a certificate of a pseudonym (which is issued at registration of a purse), having learned that for filing a claim in arbitration it is necessary to have a formal certificate (the formal certificate registration procedure is free and very simple. To obtain it, you must only fill out a special form, which must specify a passport, full name and other things that the validity (for formal certificate) will not check anyone). After getting the formal certificate, I went to to file a claim.

Filing a lawsuit.

Filing a lawsuit is not a complicated procedure that I needed to follow. I will now briefly describe how to properly file a lawsuit. After you log in to You will see a page for filing a claim on the offender’s WmID. It will be present in the following fields: 1. Your WM identifier is not necessary to fill in, it will be written your WmId from which you were authorized to submit the claim.

2. WM Defendant ID – in this field it is necessary to write WMiD of your offender, in my case I punched through Z purse WmID of the offender and entered it in this field.

3. The essence of the conflict – this field should describe the essence of your claim. This is where I wrote a complaint detailing all of my actions before I filed my claim with the arbitration, and why I believe I was ripped off and some of the evidence.

4. Type of claim in this field you need to select the type of your claim from 3 possible ones:

a) Failure to comply with the terms of the transaction, this field should be selected if you have transferred money for any goods (whether cardboard or can of condensed milk) to the account of the defendant and he did not give it to you, to put it simply cheated. Or if you are for example selling 5-digit to give it to the test the buyer (to make sure that you are not cheating, although imho better to use guarantor), but the buyer not only that you have not paid money for your priceless 5-digit, but after changing his password, left him for himself.

b) Objection of unauthorized payment must be selected in my case, which I subsequently did.

c) Claim ownership of wm-ID select if a malefactor stole your wmid, or you have a failed key file (This field is selectable if you have at least a personal certificate).

5. Claim price field in which you need to specify the amount for which you are suing. In my case, I put in 600 Wmz. If the claim is of a non-monetary nature, you need to put a check mark in the box to the left of the field.

6. Your e-mail address here enter your current e-mail address.

7.Your arbitrator selects an arbitrator by yourself in this field, or ask WEbMoney system to appoint an arbitrator by selecting an appropriate entry.

If you want to allow other people to view information about the progress of your case, please tick the checkbox Please make the proceedings of this lawsuit public for any member of WebMoney Transfer, if you do not want the public to follow the course of the case, you should not put a tick there.

Next, after reading the WebMoney Transfer System Arbitration Rules, click the Submit Claim button.

Well, that’s basically it, the lawsuit has been filed. To start the proceeding you have to pay a fee of 10% of the claim amount, otherwise no one will want to deal with you. I borrowed 60 baht from my friend and the court fee. Stand up! Court’s in session.

The trial began. Defendant showed up and turned out to be a pretty good social engineer. This bitch wrote saying he got the money by accident, unblock the keeper and I’ll return it to the defendant. On my question if he does not suffer from psychic abilities on the guessing of the codes of protection, he responded something like, I do not know what I entered qwerty and prokalolo, but why did it happen I do not know and do not want to know. Professionals from WM system were quite satisfied with such answer and they even didn’t check this fact!!!

Sad ending.

Literally at the same time I got seriously ill and had an illness… and was in the hospital for 3 days. When I got home I found out that the password to my Icq number didn’t work. I quickly retired the pass via e-mail. And it turned out that this Devil on my behalf throughout the contact list selling super megaprivate exploits. So he scammed a guy for 200 bucks on my behalf… I foolishly froze and didn’t format the drive, and I paid the price. Health limped, money stolen, servers were localized, the work stood … In short, life seemed a complete crap, but still had a little hope that the money that I was able to return. But it wasn’t. This son of a bitch with **** took the key file from me, previously reducing it from 90 meg to 1. And then he changed it… So I lost all control of my wallet. The same day I received a notification by e-mail that the trial is over in my favor. With a purse offender to mine (kot stolen) translated 600 bucks. Eventually, the guy withdrew all my dough from my wallet through hisald…

I wrote to helpport with soł. kotor was tied to my WMID, they explained everything as it is and said, go to the cops ask us, we are no longer your helpers, like at all we do not know can it us not master writes and intruder


A week later, this little bitch came knocking on my ICQ. And he was telling me how much fun he had playing with me. He said that the carder has no face, that the carder does not care who to throw the money to, whether it’s our compatriot, or an American. This motherfucker also said that he would send the gift to the address which was spelled out in my formal certificate. But he sent a gift or not I found out and will not succeed, because the formal certificate was drawn up in my name, but the address and some other information was made up by me …

About how I was gutted

And I was prowled through a fresh breach in MS Outlook. Somehow I received a strange email with incomprehensible content. I don’t have a clue anymore. I couldn’t get into it through my browser because I was using a recent Mozilla browser. Although I may have stumbled on a private sploit somewhere… It doesn’t really matter.

Totals and tips: I lost $600 on my behalf to a man duped by $200. This event was a good lesson for me, I hope you will learn from my sad experience and do the right thing in a similar situation. Now I’m paying the utmost attention to my defense.

For your safety, I suggest:

1. Set blocking by IP address range to enter Wm-keeper. 2. Update antivirus, firewalls and apply all patches from smallsoft daily. 3. Don’t trust anyone but yourself. 4. Constantly look through the autoloader, and system processes for building processes or records. 5. If you notice even the slightest changes, format everything immediately, so you won’t feel pain in the ass (before formatting, backup all your important textual information (yes, textual information, because binary files can be treasured).

If something like this happens to you, knock me, I’ll always help with advice.

Contacts: Icq:932635.

P.S Do not be harshly judged for lexical errors. This article was written at the request of one of the moderators of this forum.

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

Copyright (C) 2005 Brick

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