There is no such thing as a blocked wallet or how Web Money pulls personal information.” buy cc numbers

So I will tell one story which will be useful to everyone who has dishonest money on the keeper =) One fine day you can, at attempt to make transfer, to see an inscription “Incorrect identifier of the correspondent.” do not be frightened and do not hurry to copy manually number of a WMZ purse of “correspondent”. Simply your keeper transferred to an additional server, in other words blocked. The main podyubka is that such a blocked purse can receive money, but the transfer is not. Therefore, I strongly recommend that everyone to receive more or less large sum of WMZ check, but whether you can withdraw. And do not say that “I do not collect Keepers”, “I do not”, “I do not steal money and work in a factory”. You don’t, but your clients do?

That’s how I was once after receiving 700 bucks and trying to send it to my wallet with the exchanger I saw a big such “device” =)) Web money support, in case of problems, asks to write them to the post … ERRUNGE, listen to no one – take any Skype (even if you’re from Russia or even from Moscow do not call from a landline) and call their support team, he incidentally around the clock they have. I do not know what version they will tell you, I will retell my conversation: Yes and indeed, your keeper is blocked For what? I can not tell you exactly … This is a joke?!? Uh, please check to see if there are any complaints against you in arbitrage. You check and I know there’s no shit. Just a second (5 minutes listening to the shitty internal PBX music) ….. Already another Vasya: Your keeper has been blocked for your safety. Are you all idiots there or am I lucky? No, look, you have a “Trojan horse” on your computer. Yeah, I have horses coming to my house every day… unblock keeper, no complaints in arbitrage, and I don’t have any trojans – I just logged in from another coma recently. Are you sure? More than sure! Ok. Just a minute, I’ll contact the department and in about 20 minutes you can use Keeper.

One hour passes. Calling:

You said 20 minutes and I still have the same Yes, that’s right, but we did not immediately see that you do not have a personal certificate, we can not unblock your wallet without a personal certificate.

I argued for about 20 minutes, but they stuck to their guns. Get a certificate like that and the keeper is yours.

Now I will tell only about the case and the procedure of extorting my data, without long dialogues. In order to get a certificate you need first of all to have a front man (unless you are not a complete idiot and will not do it on yourself). Further, the procedure is very simple and is described on the WM site – but I thesis still disclose. The certificate is not given out by the office of WM, there are so-called attestators. Get the certificate is possible or if you meet with them (one of them) in the real world and show doki, of course, to meet with him must “drop”. Or another option, if in your city is not the certifier – to send him by mail docs. If you do not have a notary, you can send your ID documents and notarized “application for the certificate” by mail. When you ask the notary with a round face “and sho zhe zhe fuckinya takah oto vebmani” explain to him that it is required of him simply to certify the sheet on the state. form. Farther we take this form, photocopies of passports in an envelope and sent by registered mail to the certifier. (the procedure is detailed on the web money website)/


So, the certificate is in our hands, or rather in the hands of mannikov =) We call them and tell them that so and so, all received – give us the money. They say that all is fine, they will unblock it. Passes half a day, the purse in the block and the post office letter: “The system web money denies you service.” Yes, that’s right, in one sentence, and do not bang them over the phone for what and how, they do not give a fuck – they have the right not to explain. The only way to get your money is to withdraw it to the bank account, there is such a feature, for this they ask for details of a currency account in the name of the certified person. And here is the interesting part. If you bought that certificate, which they understand perfectly well and what they expect – dump the water. ) But if you did as I did and looked for a fool around, then take this fool by the scruff and go to the bank to open an account in his name. After providing these data WM just fucks and they have nothing else but change the logic of the software and give you the opportunity to exchange through wire transfer. I repeat for those who are in the tank, not a penny on your account, WM can not block and send them to anyone, too, but can prohibit you to use web money as such. In this case, you can do as I did. They have no right to prevent you from withdrawal of your money by their own fucking article)


I wish you don’t get caught like I did, and be more prudent )

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