This article is intended for young carders” dumps and cvv

This article is intended for young carders


I’m already fed up with the question In what topic to invest money to get a 100% yield Guys, come on, understand you, 100% can only be a god! 100% no one will tell you how to make an extra penny. Below I give some advice where you can invest your money to get a small income. But there is no guarantee for 100%! So then you do not knock me in an ICQ, and did not tell me how good I am


Short version #1

Engage in phishing, ie, buy fake page, for those who are in the tank explain what it is! Fake is a page of any bank or office, where a person who enters this page is invited to enter the data specified in the fields, ie login, password, etc. =) The process occurs as follows: A man enters the page indicated on the data and continues to work without any suspicion! And you receive to the e-mail all of his data (When you build a good fake). Naturally, if a man enters such a page, and after entering the data he will receive a message: You were shaved in maney, he will immediately call the bank and report it to the support! Fake should look very natural, so that the impudent bourgeois would not suspect anything!

Option #2

Get busy with the stuff. Ie again the same way we take the money we get the hard way, or maybe not hard, and go to the buyer enrolling, buy enrolka, then we take mummy under the arm and say Mommy, today everything will buy I =))) and go to the internet shops, buy different things – mobile, laptops and.etc. Then we need only nothing, find a person ie drop which will take this product How and where to write to not write, want you will find, and in general for what I stutter here, articles about veshchevukha uyma!

Option #3

Are you a mega-hacker who breaks a lot of different servers and has nothing but fun? Then you’re out of date =) Let me explain. Hack any site and see how much traffic, ie what he has attendance, if there is a lot of traffic then you can safely go to a forum dedicated to Carding and offer your site for sale! But you can do it in a different way, take it and hang there your site and then offer service on nagonki traffic, but if you deal with nagon traffic then you should have a decent amount of such sites. I think it’s not necessary to explain what to do if you broke your shop or sites related to financial activity. =))

Option #4

Dropping drops. If you speak very good bourgeois, you can try to raise dropsy for cashing or for veshchevukha. Of course you can work as a translator for some carder, but do we have pride to plow on someone? =))

I cited some options how you can earn on your bread and butter, although there are still plenty of options! Imagination =)

All information is for educational purposes.

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dumps and cvv

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