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It was at night, I had nothing to do and for some reason I decided to run RDP through TOP, just a small alternative to TeamViever. When it’s going to be useful? I don’t know, why would you need it? In this article I will not explain how to run TOP as a service, it will only work when you have a TOP browser running, there are plenty of guides on how to run TOP as a service, I will just give you an example how to do it.

So: we have installed windows, whatever it is, just let RDP work. Disable firewall or add the rule Allow for RDP. Download and install TOR Browser here I will install it on my desktop by default. Do an initial setup to generate our torrc file, after startup you can close it immediately. Then go to directory

We need to edit the torrc file with the following lines.

Then we need to create a folder to generate our .onion key and our .onion name.

and create an empty folder called hs This is almost the end of the configuration of the PC we will connect to. Now start the Tor browser, and go to folder

There will be a hostname file, open it with any text editor and copy the tor address we connect to. leave the Tor browser open, otherwise we can not connect to our VPN.

Part 2. As a client we will also have another Windows machine, you can have Linux or whatever you want, as long as you let your RDP client through TOP. In my case I will use another Windows machine with an alternative RDP client, I use Parallels Remote Application Client because it works with TOP out of the box. on our computer from which we will connect, install a Tor browser and run it to generate torrc close it. We need to open the TOR port. To do this, edit our torrc file, which can be found here

And add just 1 line to it.

Save, close, open our Tor browser and minimize it. while tor browser is running the port will be open.

Install our Parallels Remote Application Client or just launch mstsc.exe via socks using Proxifier or another application.

I install and run the Parallels Remote Application Client.


well and the result itself

And for those who don’t understand, I’ve uploaded a video.

Nova 2018

uni cc shop

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