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This article describes only some of the pros and cons of the new era, an era that most people do not notice or pretend not to notice. Whether to accept the New World or not is up to YOU to decide!

A little morality.

Already today, millions of the wealthiest and most entrepreneurial people make the most of what a particular country has to offer. When a state is able to offer optimal living and business conditions, when you feel comfortable and prosperous under its protectorate, you stay in the country of your choice. When your state becomes too demanding or too nosy on your affairs or, even worse, on your personal life you leave. Economic opportunities, financial privacy, taxes, extradition treaties (extradition to another state of its citizens), social values, military obligations, passport quotation in other countries, government stability, level of medical care, respect for private property rights, personal security and freedom of movement all need to be taken into account when choosing legal residence and citizenship.

Your passport and country of residence should not be the cross for which you were born and doomed to carry all your life. No government can be trusted to control your money. It will not take your interests to heart.

A passport can be considered a piece of paper, a paper that is very important and meaningful, but not endowed with any hidden sacramental meaning. A passport is not an expression of patriotism. Your devotion to the motherland is in no way connected with this little book in a cardboard cover (I love my motherland, and the state…)


You probably realize that the lion’s share of laws and wars in the name of national interest go against the interests of the majority of the population. Military conscription, acts governing marriage, morality and sex, financial and investment restrictions are all bureaucratic clutter. The state, represented by its least pleasant part of the bureaucracy, dictates that you go against its interests in the name of “noble causes”! At the same time, this bureaucracy does not abide by most of the laws it has issued itself.

As a way out of this situation is a special way of life and the legal status of a particular person, the name of which can be formulated as Citizen of the World.

Unrestricted, tax-exempt wealth, and hence power, the ability to dispose of one’s means unhindered is the main advantage of being a Citizen of the World. A World Citizen can work and fully profit without taxation and without various deductions. Until you become one, the range of opportunities you are denied is much wider than what you actually have now.

In order to implement the concept of a World Citizen you need to get your papers and documents in order so that all governments, all bureaucracies of all countries would consider you just a tourist, a passerby in their country. And what can you take from a tourist? He is not subject to any taxes or lawsuits. A citizen of the world divides his life into five aspects. Let’s call them flags.

Flag 1. Passport and Nationality These should be from a country that has no interest in its citizens living and working outside its borders. The passport must be available to foreigners. Dual or multiple citizenship is one of the cornerstones of your security. You should aim to obtain multiple passports and residence permits regardless of your original citizenship. A second passport always comes in handy, it has often saved people’s lives in times of war, persecution and political upheaval.

Flag 2. Business base These are the places where you make money. They should not coincide with where you officially reside, i.e., a personal financial or legal address. They should be places where rents are minimal, interest-free loans are given, or tax deferrals are given in your business area without too much oversight. Good networking opportunities, a labour or materials market are also important. London, Tokyo and New York, for example, are most suitable for finance and insurance. Zurich, Milan, Singapore and Frankfurt are also not bad.

Flag 3. Residence and registered office This should be primarily a tax haven with good communication systems. A place where wealthy, enterprising people can create, live, relax, prosper and enjoy; preferably with bank deposit privacy and no threat of war or revolution. Equally recommended are Monaco, the Channel Islands, Andorra, Bermuda and the Bahamas.

Flag 4: Funds Management These should be locations from which assets, securities, and commercial affairs can be managed by proxy. The requirements are highly qualified financial managers, confidentiality of bank deposits and no taxation of non-resident or non-citizens. One of the best places to plant the fourth flag is Liechtenstein. Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, New York and London would be suitable.

Flag 5. Playgrounds These are the places where you yourself actually spend your time. Quality of life is the main criterion here. Usually two to four playgrounds are required because of legal restrictions on an individual’s length of stay before being counted as a tax-deductible permanent resident, although other conditions can be achieved if you want to spend all your time in one place. Be that as it may, in most cases you should not spend more than 90 days per year in a particular country.


MP mandate. There are exceptions to every rule. Today’s wealthy citizens of Russia have a number of advantages that allow them to disregard some “flags”. It all depends on the type of your activity that allows you to protect yourself from the negative impact of the state. The most common type of such impact is the possibility of bringing to various kinds of responsibility (administrative, criminal). Russian legislation enshrines special administrative-legal statuses for certain categories of citizens (judges, prosecutors, deputies, some officials). These statuses are de facto immunity, which is virtually impossible to remove. Among the above-mentioned positions the most accessible are elected positions of deputies of various levels (federal, regional). It is possible to receive such a position at any forthcoming elections, having paid a certain sum to the party dominating in your region (if from a party), or to political technologists (if single-mandate). Naturally, there is a possibility of losing, which with an appropriate approach and investment is reduced to zero.

Diplomatic passport. If a diplomatic credential will protect you inside the country, it will not save you outside it. Always, in any state, no matter how good a citizen you are, there is a possibility of getting into a situation from which, without significant losses, you cannot get out. Diplomatic immunity exists for such cases. According to the provisions of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations adopted in 1961 by the UN (paragraphs 29-36), diplomatic representatives are not subject to arrest or detention in any form in the territory of another state. It is emphasised that the host country is obliged to show them the necessary respect and to prevent any infringement on their life, liberty and dignity. In practice, the provisions of the Vienna Convention are universally and unconditionally observed; moreover, it has become customary in most countries to emphasize the respectful attitude of the authorities and public security organs towards members of foreign diplomatic missions, their interests and needs. It would be ideal to combine the deputy mandate with diplomatic immunity of another state where you will never appear. In this case, there is double protection: if you do get deprived of your deputy’s immunity, you will still have your diplomatic immunity, with which you can freely leave the persecuting state.

There are many pitfalls, individual for each situation, so when choosing any of the listed methods, it is necessary to rely on the legal framework so as not to ultimately fall victim to your own actions.

The decision to get a new passport or immunity should be considered from purely economic positions or as a question of your survival in this world. It is not suitable for showing off. Sometimes it’s not even safe to reveal the fact of possessing such privileges. And for poncey it is more suitable citizenship of the moon


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