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Transaction codes.

Positive response code 00. Transaction completed successfully. The customer can confidently sign the receipt.

Code Name 00 Approved Successful transaction 01 Refer to Card Issuer Call CA 02 Refer to Card Issuer, special condition Call CA 03 Invalid Merchant Call CA 04 Pick up card Remove card, call CA 05 Do not honor Rejection 06 Error Call CA 07 Pick up card, special condition Remove card, Call CA 08 Honor with identification Call CA 09 Request in progress Call CA 10 Approval for partial amount Call CA 11 Approved VIP Call CA 12 Invalid Transaction Call CA 13 Invalid Amount Invalid amount 14 Invalid card number Invalid card number 19 Re-enter transaction Repeat transaction (copy) 21 No action taken Call CA 30 Format Error Call CA 41 Lost card Pick up Lost card Call CA 43 Stolen card Pick up Stolen card Remove, call CA 51 Not sufficient funds Insufficient funds 52 No checking account Refusal 53 No savings account Refusal 54 Expired card Expired card Denied. 55 Pin incorrect Incorrect PIN code. Denied 57 Transaction not allowed for cardholder Denied 58 Transaction not allowed for merchant This card type is not accepted. Denied 61 Exceeds withdrawal amount limit. Denied 62 Restricted card Prohibited card. Denied 63 Security violation Call CA 65 Activity count limit exceeded Denied 75 Pin attempts exceeded Wrong PIN counter is full. Denied. 76 Unable to locate previous Call CA 77 Inconsistent with original Call CA 78 No account Call CA 80 Invalid transaction date Call CA 81 Cryptographic PIN error Call CA 84 Pre-authorization time to great Call CA 86 Cannot verify PIN Call CA 89 MAC error Invalid MAC code. Call CA 91 Issuer unavailable Issuer bank unavailable 92 Invalid receiving institution id Call CA 93 Transaction violates law Transaction illegal 94 Duplicate transaction Repeat transaction 96 System malfunction Call CA

Note CA = Authorization Center.

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deep web credit card dumps

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