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Very often there are 2 unpleasant situations when an employee demands money for work or is treated at the post office or receives a letter from the shop and then refuses to make a shipment. There are different ways to resolve conflict situations.

Some people start threatening the employee over the phone with cops and lawsuits, and some even start searching for performers on forums, who will break into the house at night, kill him and his wife and children, dismember them in the tub, then take the stuff out in a black tinted van without plates and the next day send it by FedEx to the carved labels.

If you are not going to use the methods described above, you may find the Triple SPIRAL model helpful, which is based on applying psychological pressure to the victim.

Previously, businessmen were taken out to the woods and forced to sign documents, but now the pressure is starting to be applied gradually to business, inspections, criminal cases, criminal prosecution, detentions, interrogations, custody, and only after all these stages the victim is offered a solution to his problem in the form of transfer of some resources in the form of $, movable or immovable property.


Often you may see or hear about bad cop and good cop, these are all psychological techniques aimed at getting the desired result.

So, if you’re not going to hire hitmen to take away your laptops from the droppers, you may experiment with the THREE-PRINARY model below.

Assume you are not yet aware of the problem and are just now finding out.

Call: Action: Listen carefully, show interest and surprise, find out all the details. Speak without emotion, do not interrupt the employee. Arrange for the next contact. Thank you for the full information, I will clarify everything right now and we will get back to you, please stay in touch. Do not try to solve the problem immediately, most likely drop is in a bad emotional state, such as mild hysteria. You can’t negotiate in that state.

Call: Confirm that the request has been sent and is already being processed, clarify whether the employee has received the appropriate e-mail (to get feedback for building a negotiation strategy) Clarify whether there is additional information about the problem.

Listen without interrupting (find out the state the employee is in and plan a negotiation strategy.) In a normal state, mislead, question the company’s fault, defuse the situation. You know, it happens when the product was not compliant and the customer made a refund (so it’s no big deal) The product may have been stolen at the post office in the recipient’s country (non-compliance is a better phrase than stolen)

Objective: Bring the dropper into a neutral state, make it clear that the problem is not fraud, that this is a normal situation. (never interrupt the employee, ask questions gently and show interest) Arrange for next contact (don’t stall) OK, waiting for a response from the manager, stay in touch we will get back to you soon

Letter: (from a superior manager) Have submitted a request to the client, (as if everything is OK and the situation is resolved as usual) Specify how long it usually takes to resolve situations. (e.g. 2-3 weeks) If you have any questions, write us an email

Call Inform you that you have already submitted your request to the customer, you should have received a corresponding email. As soon as we receive a reply you will be informed about it Clarify if there is any additional information? (show the company’s interest in resolving the situation)

First attempt to output an item: Don’t output the main item right away, drop is as good at figuring out the value of an item as any human, you need to take the first step and output a more minor item so that drop will not suspect a trick and so that drop will cooperate.

Informing that not to happen now a similar situation with the rest of the goods must be forwarded to the blacklist (receive feedback and plan a strategy of negotiation), because if there are a few of these cases – the case is automatically referred to the SA and internal investigation begins and this can take a long time (as if informing what he might face, if not sent)


If ok: Inform on items and docks to be sent

If refuses: Possible re-notification: Informing that in order to avoid a similar situation now for the rest of the goods must be made non-left (listening to feedback), because if there are several of these cases – the case is automatically referred to the SA and internal investigation begins and this can take a long time (as if informing what he might face if you do not send)

If not again: (speak very calmly, so that he does not suspect a catch, as if we do not care and we are on his side, let him take number 1 in the negotiations, but at the same time respecting the company charter)

Inform, that you inform the manager that you refuse to send the goods, and offer: let’s listen to what the manager has to say (i.e. we give an opportunity to develop a scenario that the employee imposes, so that then the drop is convinced that he was wrong and passes the initiative to you and follows your scenario)

And then inform (so that the employee understood that you are on his side) – we say okay, then wait for a response from the customer, I’ll pass the information on today’s conversation to a superior manager and see what he says, agree on the next contact and ask to be in touch and if there is new information on the problem or deliveries – to immediately inform you by mail or phone. (continue to show interest that we are interested in resolving the situation)

Mail (about successful communication with the client from the superior manager).

That the customer will return the goods because part of the product was stolen or did not meet his requirements Or broken and will be sent back to our representative in the U.S. and our representative will check and will make a replacement Inform that within 3 weeks will be credited upon your request. That if you have any questions email us.

At this stage, you contact the dropper by phone and email him on behalf of a higher manager (in another name) Simulating the situation that 2 representatives of the company are dealing with the situation and as if nothing terrible has happened.


Letter (from a higher manager) We have received information from your manager regarding your default. In the next 48 hours, the case will be forwarded to the company’s security department for review. After the case is assigned a case number you will be informed about this. Use this case number in your dialogue with a representative of the company.

(here the situation is modeled that the problem is solved, the company helps, and on the other hand, if the employee refuses, the case will be transferred to the Security Service and the situation may worsen for him/her)

Call Inform again (about the problem solution) that the client got in touch, everything is ok.

Pressure: Reiterate that your case will be forwarded to SB within 48 hours (giving you a kind of chance to come to your senses and start cooperating on the withdrawal of the goods)

Inform that due to the delay in shipment and failure to fulfill commitments may also have problems with the payment of wages, as the case has been transferred to the SB payment for the month may be delayed until the clarification of circumstances, and in addition customers may refuse goods due to delays in delivery, so (trying to sort out / once again check the defense) I propose let’s do this, you send some items (COMPROMISE), because you have on hand remains (eg, laptops), so that now there are no new problems.


If we manage to send today and tomorrow then (we stretch the straw of salvation) the request to the SB will be canceled and the investigation within the company on your case will be stopped (we press), because the internal investigation can go up to 3 months, during this time the salary is not paid, and furthermore if the investigation is started, then on your case will not be returned to the shop until the investigation is over

Inform: that you have been informed by your manager that there have already been several calls from customers, about the delay of goods. We say(PREVENT the pressure) that it is necessary to send some (minor items) offer to make shipments today (listen to the feedback.) if the employee broke down – cooperate.

If ok – inform you to make shipments and inform you immediately about it


If an employee keeps on being defensive, you say ok (the main thing is not to show any emotions, you should not show your interest, you have to keep a neutral position, so that every time when the employee’s defence gets weakened he can use your help (your offer).

Report that okay, then wait ( not wait but wait, as if you and the employee are on the same side together)

Expect then what managers will say and wait when the case will begin to consider the SB then wait for the mail from them and I will contact you in the next 24-48 hours. (Also reported) that they say if you have additional information – let me know about it (showing their interest in the problem that we continue to do this and our main thing to solve the problem and not to withdraw the goods. If an employee somehow understands that your main goal is not to solve the problem and to remove the goods (and he thinks so, and our task is to change his mind) then he will take a dumb defense and the situation will be more critical.

Task: Maintain a neutral position, show that our goal is to solve the problem, that we are together with the employee and are ready to help at any time Hold emotions – do not show the employee that we want to withdraw the goods (now the goods are the last trump card the employee uses to apply pressure, keep your emotions to yourself, listen and do not interrupt the drop) Keep the promise and lead the employee by SPIRAL (that is if we said that the case would go to the SB, we did, if Blackmail: Continue to put pressure on the defence of the employee.Verbal cues: If – as soon as as as: If you don’t send the goods – this may cause additional difficulties If you manage to send the goods today – I will inform the manager and he will submit a request to the SB regarding the suspension of your case/case As soon as you send the items with shipping labels attached – we will inform customers that they need not worry and concentrate on solving the situation[/DATAENC


E-mail At this stage we send a letter from the security service informing us that the request has been accepted and that a case/ticket number has been assigned (we specify the case number). The case will be processed within 5 business days.

Call. Pressure boosting.

Informing that the case has been transferred to the SB, informing when the review will start, clarifying if there is any new news. (continue to be more interested in solving the problem than withdrawing the goods)

Inform, again, that, internal investigation if started, there may be a delay in payment, moreover, the amount to reimburse the shop may be frozen, which may delay (hidden prepare for compromise)


That there is already a delay on other items, and that customers may withdraw payments and the situation could get worse.

Attempted withdrawal (check employee’s defense): Let’s send at least these 3 items (it is necessary to send insignificant goods, the main thing that the employee went to a meeting and started cooperating with you) to at least suspend the case (give the employee a chance) to make faster payment on the problem, otherwise it may take some time and payment for the working period may be frozen (keep pressure, the employee may break down at any second) Because I think that in the near future there may be problems in relation to the problem

Will we be able to send them in the near future, because the documents are already uploaded to the system, can you send them at least until tonight, so it was seen by the track number that the goods began to move, if the morning information is updated (we continue to draw the straw, the drop is about to grab it) then I immediately inform the manager, and perhaps the case in the SB will be suspended, thus we will accelerate the payment to you and the refund of the client.

If the employee is on the defensive we inform (we say without emotion, without hurt feelings and without threats) Okay, then we are waiting for information from the SB representative, in the next few days they should write and then I immediately call you and inform about the latest developments and I ask you not to leave the city in the coming days, as you may need information for the SB.

Please be advised that you are also hoping for a quick resolution to the situation, that you will be contacted as soon as possible, please have an employee reach out.

Letter from the SB (STRENGTHENING OF THE PURPOSE) (you cannot write on the next day, you need to wait a day minimum, the employee may break down and start making shipments, because the situation is not developing in his favor, if you were fraudsters you would hardly call and deal, now the situation is more like a real and the employee does not feel very good. His intuition prompts him to send the goods you asked for and speed up the resolution of the situation and suspend the case with the SB)


SB writes: that case number (specify case number) has started to be considered, (i.e. as if it’s still no big deal, it’s just a pressure boost to break the dropping defense), that you will receive more detailed information in the coming days. That your refund request for item xxxxxxxx is being processed. If you have more information – let us know with the case number.

Call. Pressure boosting.

Informing about the beginning of the case in the SB Asking whether you received the relevant email from the SB? Informing you about the possibility of blocking your salary. Asking if it will work further? (find out the mood) Inform that there have already been a few calls from clients about delays in shipping and this information will most likely be passed on to SB today as well and added to your case.

Asking if there is any new information on the reimbursement request?

Attempt to withdraw the goods: (first Ultimatum) Please be informed that if the goods are not sent until tomorrow, there is likely to be a problem with these items and the money will be withdrawn by the customers, resulting in your case may be delayed for several months. Moreover, in the event of such a problem under the contract because you refuse to perform your duties, the company will freeze your wages based on the information in your case, and as a result, they may refuse to pay you.

Therefore, I suggest that you make today the dispatches of the previously mentioned items and inform me about it, in turn I will inform the managers and we will try to suspend the case to at least accelerate the reimbursement of your case.

Goal: speak calmly, don’t put the employee off-balance and don’t make them nervous during the conversation, listen without interrupting, let the employee speak, receive feedback analyzing and selecting a negotiation strategy.

If not: inform that let’s say this, I’m waiting until tonight for information from you, if I get it, then we’ll deal with case suspension, if not, then we wait for information from SB. Okay? (i.e. we give the employee more time to think about it)

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

Letter from SB (Pressure Boosting)

Inform the employee that the client is willing to reimburse the funds within 14 days (give hope to the employee) Inform the employee that complaints have been received from clients due to delays in shipment and specify which items. We inform you that in case you refuse to fulfill your obligations according to the contract, the payment amount (we specify the wage amount) will be frozen for 7 days. ( Complaints from customers will be reviewed within 48 hours and you will be informed of the results.

Call (pressure boosting)

Bad news: Did you get the letter? You see, as I told you, they have already frozen the payment for 7 days, moreover now they are going to start processing the complaints from the clients and it is possible that the amount of compensation will be deducted from your salary. (You don’t have to talk about payroll deductions, but sometimes it’s very helpful)

Increasing pressure: Today I talked to the manager and he said that there had been calls on other unsent items and we were afraid that a situation might happen that we predicted, that in the near future all clients would complain and then the case which is under consideration by the SB will be supplemented with information, the amount of compensation will be frozen for payment due to the investigation.


Once there was a similar situation (give an example of what can happen to an employee) the case was reviewed for 90 days, during this time the client payments were revoked for all items.


As a result, there was a situation where the case went to Arbitration, and because there was an internal investigation and the refunds were constantly frozen – at some point the employee had to reimburse companies to shippers/stores/manufacturers/suppliers/distributors an estimated $7,000


Therefore, to prevent such a situation from happening to you as well, let’s send those items that we talked about, because you still have enough goods on hand, and now the main thing is to suspend the case in SB on your case, and reimburse the compensation at your request.

Please send the items listed and we will try to put the case on hold. If you send today and there is an update tomorrow morning, I will contact the manager in the morning and we will take care of your case. It may still be possible to put it on hold at this stage. To at least decide on a refund of your first case. When would you prefer to send the goods? Before or after lunch? (no choice)

SB continues to receive complaints and inform employee of new threats and payment freezes

Manager puts pressure and offers solutions, if employee refuses – manager says ok and scenario continues.

SB increases pressure and starts writing to have some items shipped.

Manager calls and informs that the situation can be solved, the main thing is to send some positions.

This continues until at some point the employee breaks down and agrees to ship the item.

After the employee is unsealed, pressure continues to be applied to the employee.

SB writes about new complaints and warns that there is a threat that payments will be withdrawn, that reimbursement and wages are frozen while the case is pending. Because the employee failed to meet obligations in a timely manner, the funds have not been reimbursed to the Sender in a timely manner.

Manager continues to apply pressure, significant items on the product are brought out, speech bindings are applied that as soon as this is sent – the situation will be resolved, because on other items everything is ok and customers are still waiting.


At some point the ultimatums from the manager can be put, that they say SB told you in a letter that you have to send (notebooks) and then the case will be suspended and the compensation will be paid and the salary taken off the hold.

Goal: Be on the employee’s side, show no emotion, continue to apply gradual pressure. Never threaten an employee

Objective: to bring out a significant product with a minor product first (so that the employee is unaware of a trick)


There have been cases where we negotiated with an employee for up to 3 months, during which time expensive product or a large part of it was withdrawn, often we have to leave a small part of the product to drop it to reduce the loss.

So, using the elements of psychological pressure on a person it is possible to achieve almost any results from him. An important element of success is your ability not to give yourself away in the negotiation/communication process and then be sure that there comes a moment when the person grasps at you like a straw because they no longer have a choice, but that’s assuming they believe you and you do everything right.

The modified SPIRAL model is successfully used in situations where a drop requires a payout. So, for example, the payment would start being processed, then it would freeze, and then the pressure would build that as soon as you submit these positions your payment will be credited to you. In the standard Triple SPIRAL model there are 3 players involved, you, the superior manager (you), security (you), but no one should know about it

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