TrueCrypt hide container in any file without changing the file size” ssn fullz

How to use it:

Create a new container and specify an existing file, e.g. a picture, as the container. TrueCrypt asks: “Replace file?”, you should answer “Yes”, but add a stream name, e.g. qwerty, through a colon at the end of the file. It will look like this: C:picture.jpg:qwerty Then, when you want to mount it, add :qwerty at the end of the picture file name (this is where the container is stored).

The file size shown in Explorer will remain the same, and the picture will be opened. If you delete the picture, the container itself will be deleted, and also when you copy the picture, the stream with the TrueCrypt container will be copied, which may cause suspicion.

P.S. Using threads will give you some extra hiding, but be aware that with special software you will find alternative NTFS threads in a matter of seconds! (e.g. AlternateStreamView v1.51 )

ssn fullz

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