trusted cvv shop 2020

There are always well prepared drops in Canada and the USA. And, on individual terms, we can get you drops in Australia and Europe.

We will pay 50% of the net amount (i.e. the amount we have in our wallet).

Enrollment is usually the same day.

Candidates are divorced, selected by the in-house team. They were thoroughly vetted and thoroughly vetted and interviewed.

Policy of conflict resolution: If the drop for some reason did not work out the transfer, we promptly find out by calling on whose side the problem occurred. If the account is blocked before cashing out, the transfer is considered failed and no payments will be made.

The first bays work on the test-drive principle. You watch how we work, we see if you kill drops. No compensation or claims against each other.

For regular customers: If the problems on the drop side, we will compensate the cost of the material (akc and stuff), as well as give all the contact information and the drop document. Attention! At the beginning of cooperation in no way compensations. We will pay a call in any service, so you can be sure of the purity of our intentions.

Who do we want to see? Sane fillers who are looking for quality drops on a permanent basis Contact: [emailprotected] [emailprotected]

trusted cvv shop 2020

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