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This article is about building the perfect browser.

Now it’s the time when everyone is hiding… this concerns both ordinary Internet users and banned sites, and in connection with this a number of inconveniences arise. There are disputes on forums about whether to go to TOR in onion or not. If to go, it means to lose part of the audience. Probably my article and my software will be useful for multipurpose audience


If you are reading this article, you probably know that TOR Browser is a great way to anonymize yourself on the Internet. But you already had some troubles with captcha box instead of browser, or maybe you just can’t access to any portal at all. and the thing is that Tor IP is everywhere in the blacklists. Of course, there is a way out of all this, you can go out with another browser via pure Socks5, VPN and all… But what about favorite .onion? They will be unavailable for us. and TOR Browser will not work with ordinary Socks5, but it is deliberately well configured for network anonymity. And it may be unacceptable for you to go online using one chain from one SSH server


Let’s get started!!! to build we need a working SSH, TOR Browser and Double SSH Tunnel Manager

The first thing to configure is Double SSH Tunnel Manager



login:[emailprotected]:port or IP:port;login;password added


then go to the program settings, check the boxes and change the ports if you need it.


The program should look like this after the procedures.


Now connect to SSH via TOR. Check the SSH IP checkbox and click Run after connecting, the program looks like this.


The connection consists of 4 servers. The first 3 are TOR servers. The last one is an SSH server we have created a local Socks5

The connection will be used in the future.

next… Download TOR browser, install it or use the one we already have. now in the Tor browser you need to disable the native Socks5TOR and switch to Socks_SSH

1) write the line about:addons go in and disable TorLauncher 2) write the line about:config

find the line browser.startup.homepage;about:tor change to browser.startup.homepage;about:home

find the value extensions.torbutton.test_enabled;true change extensions.torbutton.test_enabled;false

restart Tor browser

That’s all. With these actions we switched off the native torus Socks5 included in the program. now in the settings you need to add the necessary Socks5 from Double SSH Tunnel Manager


Add a shortcut to the Double SSH Tunnel Manager

firewall panel for easy launch of Tor browser


Now everything is configured. Go to https://whoer.net/ see the SSH server IP output.


Now let’s check how .onion works since we all know that you can get into .onion only from the TOR network. open https://godnotaba36dsabv.onion/


Everything works as Double SSH Tunnel Manager can redirect .onion requests to Tor.

This build of Tor browser Double SSH Tunnel Manager program can be downloaded.


Just add your SSH and use it. You do not need to set up anything manually, it is portable, even if it is installed as a package. Tor browser can also be updated if a new version comes out and it will not reset. Have a safe and comfortable surfing experience.

If you liked the material I don’t mind if you post it in other forums. ! link https://ssh-tunnel.in/sshmanager/topic.zip

trusted cvv shop 2021

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