unicc carding

Handy admin panel for EcoPanel Staff Management. Inputs for: admin, support, scoop, staffer, and dropbox. https://ecopanel.pw/shop/hsJFL2N.png

Among useful functions of admin panel: parsing tracks (status, weight) support for multiple drop projects, including those on different hosting multi-pack creation notifications on jabber ability to use your smarty-template for drop cabinet and much more.

The panel is used in large projects and has proven itself well! All shortcomings have been fixed, and adjustments are constantly being made and refined as needed!

There are a lot of ready-made plugins (creating labels, statistics, to-do, etc.) possibility of developing a plugin individually for you!

Base version price: $999

All the latest information, demo and list of plugins here https://ecopanel.pw/shop/

unicc carding

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