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Introducing you the service of making drop projects of different complexity, corporate websites, shops. For many years we have been making projects only for ourselves. Today we share the accumulated knowledge. Our main advantage is our team of experienced specialists.

By contacting us, you will get a full range of design and development services for reasonable money.

We develop projects along the lines of Staff / Cash

The price of the service includes:

1. Ready-made corporate design website, everything you need is on board and you can get started right away! 2. Unique content and content. Design based on suggested structures. Lots of legends to choose from! 3. Site filling and linking to the management system (up to 7 Pages and no more than 25 images) 4. Step by step instructions and correspondence templates. Complete set of documents and forms (Employment, Application, Job Description, NDA, IRS, various instructions and FAQs) Spam and posting letter 5. Original test tasks are generated for workers, in order to weed out undesirable personalities before the key stage of work 6. Website testing, pre-launch work (domain purchase, website hosting, corporate email setup, phone and fax numbers purchase and setup, auto-response recording)

What it will look like:

Information about the company itself: its history, achievements, results of its work; Information about the management and employees; Information about products or services sold by the company with a very detailed description; All kinds of information for partners; A realistic Blog full of actual information and more.

Stuff Classic $1.4k Obnal Classic $1.5k Premium Projects $2.2k

Custom Projects $2.5k

The design process consists of clearly regulated steps, which allows us to almost guarantee to hit your expectations, and often exceed them. We continually improve our design processes to make your experience with us the most comfortable.

At the start of the project we make a timeline where we mark the key stages of development. This allows you to accurately forecast launch dates, schedule project activities, and prevent surprises.

We have the ability to develop technical specifications on a turnkey basis.

Depending on the complexity of the project, lead time averages 14 days.

First contact via PM.


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