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It can happen to anyone. Accidentally lost your IP, made a call from a tainted sim, identified a neighbor no matter how, but got burned. You’ve been compromised, and you’ve got guys in uniforms.

In any case, your task is to build before the investigators a correct picture of what is happening that makes you innocent and them making a mistake and trying to pin the case on an innocent person that is you.

To understand what and why to say, know the following: 100% proof of computer crime is only traces on your computer and nothing else. Most often it is correspondence in ICQ, Skype, and other messengers presence of bots builders, cardboard files, etc. Money transfers by themselves are also not sufficient proof. Although essential.

If you have everything at once (correspondence, cardboard, traces of financial transactions), you can’t move off the subject.

But if you were at least minimally attentive to hiding your traces (used truecrypt/bestcrypt, used portable software on portable devices, didn’t take dirt and gray from everywhere), most often investigators will have only financial transactions and witnesses’ evidence in their possession.

It’s the latter that’s vulnerable.

Any crime has in its composition the object, the subject, the objective and the subjective side of the case.

We’re interested in the latter. Take away the subjective side and there is no crime, that is, there is no crime itself.

In other words, if you didn’t want to commit a crime and you didn’t know that the act you were committing was part of a crime, but on the contrary, you were sure that you were acting lawfully and, most importantly, you didn’t commit anything punishable, you automatically become a witness from a suspect.

The easiest thing is to look like a middleman or a dropper who has been brazenly scammed by evil carders. You have to be convinced of this yourself. You holier-than-thou indignation at how you’ve been brazenly cheated. Play it, but don’t overplay it.

More specifically, it looks like this.

Suppose you are accused of a Western Union cartel (and on top of that you went to receive the money yourself). Your behavior: 1) don’t deny receiving the money. don’t deny objective factors that are easy to verify. yes, you did receive transfers. but is it illegal to receive transfers? is it illegal to give money to someone? 2) your role is that of a humble intermediary. you receive the money and hand it over to the customer. 3) the method of transfer for example, you drop the money in a cash-in ATM (think!) 4) the card was received by the train conductor. the card has already been thrown out. the details of receipt are forgotten. 5) met the customer on one of the forums on the Internet. communicated with him only on the forum no mobile, no inbox, no other contacts. all the details were discussed there, including the details of transfers. there you also told him your address to forward the card. after communication all messages were deleted.

Everything. Your honest but humble help in catching the real carder criminal will make you a witness out of the criminal.

In other cases, your behavior should be similar, reduce everything to an intermediary, assure that you had no idea that purchases were made with stolen credit cards. For example, when you’re accused of carting the same Westarn, say that you started out working at an exchange service helpdesk.

When charged with airline ticket cartage, assure that your partner told you that he was an employee of one and had many certificates from the airlines, which is why the tickets are so cheap. Your job was to find customers.

Let’s say you were asked by a person on the forum to help him sell unwanted laptops/goods that were given to him for debts. You gave him the address, he came by himself, brought it, you gave him some money right away. Then you needed the money yourself, decided to sell the unwanted goods.

And so on.

Think through the legend before you do anything.

Be aware of objective things that investigators can easily verify. Never deny them, prepare in advance, duplicate your messages, correspondence.

Pay attention to: 1) cell phone calls and texts; numbers and text messages are all recorded and easy to check 2) your location; your movement history is recorded and stored for a long time; for example, when withdrawing dough from an ATM drop card only an idiot would take his real cell phone, which is lit at home. 3) mutual linking of mobiles; remember, if you carry your and your left mobile on at the same time, it can be easily traced. the software used by the authorities allows to do this. 4) there should not be a single transfer between your wallet (webmoney, liberty, alfa, kiwi, in general any) and droppers’ wallets. 5) be aware of ATM cameras. wear heels or squat (height), wear large glasses, a hat, etc. cover your fingers with glue during withdrawal. 6) be aware of cameras near an ATM. do not park your car or taxi near an ATM. it is better to walk, but make sure your car is not caught in any lenses. 7) register sims with leftist people. do not keep your phone on unless you have to. 8) don’t get greedy. don’t keep one phone for long. throw it away in a cafe, let someone pick it up and start using it. 9) prepare correspondence on the forum. create fake accounts in advance, from the left IP of course.

Psychological preparation. It’s even more important. Remember, the investigators won’t believe you for a penny anyway. They’re full of guys like you.

Your task is to stand your ground. Know how to psychologically resist shouting, pressure, threats, beatings, sitting in a cell with your fellow criminal neighbors. This is their usual arsenal.

If they beat you, you can try to frame your face/body. This will make it possible to charge them with bodily harm, which will greatly improve your position and allow your lawyer to argue that the confession (if any) was obtained under the beating. Of course, the marks should be recorded immediately. If you’ve been split, don’t be afraid to falsify the beating.

Attempts to cheat. They will try to offer you a deal you leak to them and they make you a witness. Don’t believe a word of it. Nobody will let you go and make you a witness. You’ll all go to jail and with even more time in prison, the punishment for the group is always heavier than the punishment for a loner.

In the end, your task is not to turn yourself in. The investigators don’t have a complete scheme, they don’t know anything in detail, and if they pretend to know don’t believe it.

As you can see, everything is in your hands.

Well and usual do not work on RU and CIS:-) Better map the USU and the UK.

I will explain why. There are usually joint work agreements between the Russian Federation and CIS countries, and there is good communication between the agencies.

But there is no agreement on joint work signed with the US, for example, and will not be signed for a long time to come. Of course, normal interaction between the agencies has not been established.

This is exactly the reason why the US carj is so reluctant to investigate.

Addendum: how exactly does one not leave evidence in a technical sense?

I already wrote above that the ironclad proof of your guilt is the traces on your personal computer. You need to know what kind of traces there are, where they are stored, and how to hide/clear them.

Traces are most often: 1) databases of acs, cardboard, grandfather, etc. material (they take up relatively little space) 2) correspondence in messengers, mail (stored both locally and on servers) a) with your personal data b) without your data 3) hack-software (checkers, builders, cryptors, frameers, etc.etc.) a) installed (usually some) b) archives (there is often a shitload of software) 4) access logs (rdp, ssh, http, ftp, etc.) (stored on servers) 5) wallet files of various pletes ( including those tied to phones)

There may also be data in the trash, in deleted files but left on the disk available for recovery with software like EasyRecovery, on flash drives in plain text.

Pay some attention to creating the illusion of goodness of a type with few sins. Keep porn videos (but no childish ones), keep an untidy archive of music, videos, books, miscellaneous useless software. Use a lot of stupid software. Preferably, of course, licensed/frish (this is so that they don’t catch on trivial things). Remember, the more imaginary clutter your system is, the harder it is for employees to sort through the junk. In principle, it is acceptable to hide hack-software in quite benign c:windowssystem32 and the like, where no one will look.

Thus, no traces will be stored on your computer permanently, everything important will be stored on a flash drive with a crypto partition or somewhere on the network and material, and portable software, and everything else. When an alarm is triggered just turn off the computer physically and there will be no trace when it is turned on. It takes a few seconds. But there’s a nuance.

For example, capture operations may involve groups blocking exits and noise stun grenades in preparation for entry. Your reaction is out of the question in such a case. Everything happens in seconds.

For you to have those seconds, you need to provide an alarm system. For example, by hanging a regular volumetric camera sensor in front of the entrance to the apartment of the mini-body at home. Someone walks by the sensor beeps and shows you who has arrived. Those seconds will save your life.

And remember, no amount of tech will save you if you’re a dickhead. Security is based on your attention to the minutiae of organization, not on any particular software or encryption method. Better to prevent than to react to an intake.

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