USA cash deposit/outdoing ach,wire/merchant/non charge” sears cc

Dept Conditions:

We accept cdeps only from bank drops from bays.


Mon-Fri 9 a.m. 5 p.m. NY. Weekends/Holidays no payments are accepted/not processed.


Up to 2 to 15%

From 2% to 10%


1) Issued data is current for 3 hours from issuance. (can be extended 1 time by 2 hours) 2) Mandatory conditions to start processing:

photo of the check from the bank (for the receipt of the cache in the bank) photo of the check for the made cache dept photo of the check torn into 4 parts

3) Service does not accept money for payment for non-existent goods and droops involved in this chain. 4) The service is not responsible for any transactions not agreed with the administration. 5) The service is not responsible for the withdrawn transfers in the process of processing.


Up to 48 hours maximum from receipt of confirmations. This is the deadline for processing and payments are more dynamic.

* % depends on the amount of work done on our part

sears cc

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