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Voucher payment systems such as Ukash, Paysafecard, Moneypack have gained extraordinary popularity, commercial and territorial development in recent years. The idea to pay for something without entering your payment data, thus, not showing to the controlling organizations where and for what you pay, and avoiding leakage of personal payment data, has already found an echo in the hearts of many consumers of various online services in the modern world. There are some factors restraining their growth and development such as: financial policy of some states and just immense popularity among community of every kind of swindlers and counterfeiters. The last make considerable share of a turnover of vouchers and accordingly the profit of the given payment systems, but because of them all new restrictions on operations are periodically entered.

Money in the form of vouchers is convenient to use in different scam directions. Such as: receiving money from droppers, paying to droppers, getting for unlocking system or browser by various “lockers”, using in various divorce schemes or simply carding. Thus a certain amount of the “material” is collected and converted into more liquid payment systems in our countries. There are a lot of schemes and methods of such conversion. Let’s consider some of them:

1) Fund eligible debit prepaid cards and withdraw funds via ATMs or merchant accounts .

Quite an interesting and widespread method, but it requires some knowledge and capabilities. It is necessary to find the list of the card issuers, replenished by those or those vouchers, to deal with getting such a card, to find a drop-off or in case of virtual card – the right data on which the card will be issued (we will not order the card with our data), to open or to agree with the merchant account owner. It should be noted the suspicious attitude of merchant account companies towards the same bins, which are typed in large quantities. Some examples of such card issuers are Moneypak Walmart MoneyCard. This card can be ordered at the drop-off data, the card is sent by mail and while it is delivered (in several weeks), you can use a virtual substitute card, topping it up and entering into your merchant account. Among the full list of rechargeable cards on the Greendot website there are some more virtual ones, the possibility to find them is at your disposal =). In the case of plastic get the card on drop, or, as many do – just wait for the envelopes with the cards at a suitable address found in advance and then run and withdraw dough from ATMs with the card to the left data.

With Ukash and Paysafecard you can also fund debit cards, for example in the case of Paysafecard it is Yunacard. To receive it you need to be at least a European citizen, or at least an Estonian =) To get it you can only after confirming your identity (they have such a service at the post office). And taking into account deposit and withdrawal limits, option with drops becomes questionable, but there are people who work by this scheme.

Also, Ukash and Paysafecard can be recharged with prepaid Mastercard participating in MasterCard rePower mastercardrepower.com/TopUp. but again limits and other complications do not make this method the most popular.

2) Surrender to exchange services and changers from various forums .

Here, there is no ploughed field for all sorts of scammers and schoolboys. Serious changers and exchange services offer a relatively small percentage, but there is no guarantee that the changer with a top-up will not want to increase profitability at your expense, especially if he has such an opportunity. In the case of the volume of cards, you just will be rather expensive to check everything manually, and in the case of Ukash so it is almost impossible, because to judge the validity of the voucher, you can only make them pay, or write off a couple of bucks in any service and get another voucher with change. However, if you will do so with several vouchers, then there is a chance that they all will be blocked, and you just stay with nothing. Renting Ukash changers will have to work with them on the trust, which they very often do not justify. So you will get some strange situation with validity. Just pay attention to the purchase of Ukash vouchers, if you do not get it entered, and the seller says you have “crooked hands”, it is not the fact that this is the case. This is the business model by which kiddos work on popular forums.

3) Find a company that accepts these vouchers in exchange for something more liquid .

Here you can simply look for offices that accept payment for certain vouchers, and sell goods or services that can then be easily resold or cashed out. For example, you can buy gamesrocket.com. for Paysafecard any game cards and sell them gradually on Plati.ru. way to put it so “not very”, because after all the commissions, the amount received will not be large, and sold to unprofitable account Plati.ru everything will be a long time, if at all. However a plus of this method, is the possibility to cash out vouchers of difficult-to-cash countries.

Given that one of the main goals of creating voucher payments was to make online casinos, poker and betting available in countries where they are not entirely legal, companies from this industry are most accepting vouchers for payment. Cashback through such offices is quite popular. However, when dealing with a particular company, there are certain moments and subtleties that should be taken into account, because they may block your account as 1…2…3. They are not idiots working there either and they understand what they have to deal with, especially they have already been trained enough. In such a racket you should pay attention to such nuances as the country of origin of voucher, your IP address, system settings, data for withdrawal of funds. Generally, if you have deposited money to an account in such an office in the form of vouchers, you will only be able to withdraw them to a bank account or card. Sometimes opening an account for a European, you can transfer the money to the UZ card, but such things are easily stolen and accounts are blocked. Also, you need to make your stay with such companies look natural. That is, you do not have to bluntly deposit and immediately withdraw dough. It is necessary to play. If it’s betting, you can play at small odds. Some betting shops have even a direct rule – they will not allow withdrawal until you’ve bet some part of the deposit. Bet-at-home if I’m not mistaken is 1/3.

Another category of companies through which you can make cash-out is forex brokers. There are already quite a lot of brokers working with vouchers and their list is expanding. However it is necessary to remember that Forex is partially a scam and they are not interested in giving back the deposited funds at all. They can pick on you for everything and even if you withdraw your funds once, they can refuse to provide further services, as Alpari will do. Forex brokers and companies such as Metaquotes are gaining popularity with subscription trading signal services. Metaquotes has a small list of deposit methods so far. A similar service is available at Ukash foreximage.com, which accepts vouchers. To withdraw to Kiwi may ask for scans of documents. Create an account, add trading plans (subscription is made exactly to the trading plans that need to be entered into the system as limit orders). Create another account to buy a subscription from. Do not forget to use sops on country of voucher and add trading plans at least several times a week (preferably every day). Also, you should first convert the voucher to USD, vouchers of some countries are not suitable for this. As a result, about 75% of the voucher face value can be withdrawn to Kiwi.

A very interesting way to cash out Paysafecard via top2mob.com, cysend.com, due to the limits there, you will need a lot of sims and as many top2mob accounts. It is best to use European names and soks. You need to use Bi-Line SIM cards, you can buy enough of them at one of the services. Of course this method is tedious and you will get 60-65% of the nominal value, but it is reliable. Accounts are not blocked, and money then easily transferred to VM or Kiwi.

4) Open a merchant account in Ukash, Paysafecard or any of the aggregators and make payments in your favor . Probably one of the most reliable methods, but it requires initial investments and is profitable if you have sufficient amount of material.

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