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Today I want to touch upon a now dormant topic, namely WebRTC. I will not describe how to block it. For this there are a ton of different plugins and ways to manually disable it. This article is dedicated to those people who need WebRTC at work or don’t want to make merch angry with disabled plugin. This article is about WebRTC cheating.

All right. Let’s get started. For this we need to have: A virtual machine on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1. VPN (if any) must be on the main machine (only tunnels or socks on the virtual machine). And a configured firewall.

The setup is divided into several parts. PART FIRST: SETTING AND SETTING FAIRWALL[UPD] Go to the control panel. https://s020.radikal.ru/i707/1506/30/0dfa9c36b7e4.png

Click on Advanced settings. https://s020.radikal.ru/i720/1506/9c/47712cb1b2aa.jpg

Then click on Windows Firewall Properties.


Next, in all three tabs, specify Outbound connections: Block.


Next, go to Outbound Rules and click on New Rule.


Select Program.


Specify the application which should go online (Bitvise, proxyfier). However remember that the main application may use auxiliary ones to connect to tunnels or socks (usually putty or plink in the folder with the main application) these will also need to be added to exceptions. If you have a problem at this stage you can ask for help from me at toad.


Specify Allow the connection.


Next, set the network name and close the configuration. Try to connect to the internet in our case with Bitvise and tunnels. If everything is correct, WebRTC will only show us the internal IP without the external one. It should look like this:


If that’s the case, everything’s fine. Now we need WebRTC to show us the IP we need. PART TWO: CONFIGURING THE LOOPBACK ADAPTER

SETUP FOR WINDOWS XP A small update. Who has Windows XP self-loop adapter can be set like this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/839013/ru In Russian https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/839013 In English Now we need to create a self-loop adapter to fool WebRTC.

To do this, go to the Hardware Manager and select Add legacy hardware from the Action menu by first clicking on the Network adapters section.


Select manual installation. Select Network adapters.


Select Microsoft and select Microsoft Loopback Adapter.


After installation, we go to the settings of this adapter. And specify in its properties IP which showed us Whoer. In my case it is


Then save and run the command line. On the command line, enter the following:

To find out Default gateway, type ipconfig at the command line. If the line is empty look for the gateway address in the network settings of the virtual machine. In my case, I type in the command line

If everything is OK, the command line will respond like this =) If you get an error saying The requested operation requires elevation, then run the command line as administrator. WORK ALGORITHM Remove old rule with

Set the new rule with


P.s. All the rules you specified are deleted after a reboot. That is, you do not need to delete old rules after reloading.

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