We’re gonna milk the shops.” cc fresh carding

Dear friends and comrades, I decided to do a good deed and write a small article which contains some extremely important information for those who work with duffle carding.

You, I can only assume, have a competent approach. You have a properly configured machine. You are trying to use clean soxes. You probably even bought super expensive software to work with. Yes it’s all right and good, in that I support you.

But let’s look at the bigger picture and try to avoid making small mistakes in the future, which sometimes cost a whole many thousands of people (in the form of willingly sluicing a shop) to pass you by. I am 100% sure of the information I will provide below, and I have come to this not thinking, but experimenting, and only an analysis of the results allowed me to draw certain conclusions. But you, I will lead to it gradually.

Consider the following situations:

An American citizen has a friend from Russia and the American, without thinking twice, placed an order with a Russian version of Windows installed on his computer. Question: will the shop cancel this order?

A person from the CIS, came to live or visit or study in the USA, tries to shop online, but the Russian version of Windows is installed on his computer. Question: will the shop cancel this order?

Decent American, went on vacation (to his family) in another town (state), on the way he remembered that he had forgotten to buy something and stopped where there is an open WI-FI and made an order, of the goods he needs. But here’s the trouble, the IP of the open WI-FI for many years, managed to get into all black and spam databases. Question: will shop cancel this order?

ANSWER: No in any of the above cases, the shop will not cancel the order. You may ask how it won’t cancel because Windows was not ENG and/or the person was ordering from one state, with shipping to another state, and he is from the third state. You can also argue by saying that the IP in the examples above was generic. But my answer will not change whatever the Holder’s windup is, wherever the order is placed (different billing address), whatever the dirty IP is, THE ORDER IS SENT TO THE Holder.

No no, I’m not telling you to make orders from like a wasted machine and I’m not encouraging you to make them from whatever IP. But I will give you an example of one of my clients, he regularly makes $800 packs. We once got to talking and I’ve found out that not only he doesn’t have $100500 antietect, he even doesn’t have elementary ССtools and he never tests IP. But nevertheless he’s sending me from 3 to 5 packs a day with price tag $500,800 of marketable goods.

The whole secret is that for each order, he buys a telephone number under the state of the Holder and records an answering machine under the Holder’s name.

In conclusion, I say there are shops that love to hear the voicemail to the Holder’s name, leave a message on it and if the Holder did not call back and not cancel the order, shouting someone has stolen my card data after a certain time will send you an order. There are also shoppers who love to talk personally with the Holder (these shops less than those who are enough just an answering machine). In this case you should regularly monitor the voice messages left by the merchant and as soon as you get a message with a request to call you back, you go to the call-in service and order a call. There are also very tedious shops (they are very few) that want the call to be made specifically from the phone that is specified in the order. Often this can ask the bank (but that’s another story)



P.S. I kindly ask you not to post this article anywhere without my consent, it contains information that should not be shared with antifraud companies. Thank you.

cc fresh carding

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