What is a spam email and the factors that affect the quantity and quality of response.” paypal dumps

So, let’s take a closer look at what a spam message is. A spam message is a text designed to send out spam. Such text has a subject, orientation and writing language. However, we should not forget that over 90% of all e-mail messages are spam. And the fight against spam is serious. Therefore, you should not think that you can write some kind of mass text and just send it out to the database.

Step one is choosing a subject line. The subject line of the letter is probably the first thing to choose. For example, you want to recruit drop-ins for work with the staf. So you need to mention in the body of the email that the work will be related to packs, which will greatly improve your response rate and weed out unwanted elements.

Targeting – don’t forget about this factor either. Text focus is the scope of your search for candidates, country, age, neighborhood, and the like. This factor influences the narrow or broad focus of your search. You can find, for example, 100 generalist candidates or 10 strongman candidates, who can carry your TV sets from the post office directly to the skimpy state))). Important enough part of the letter.

Writing language. I think everything is clear here as it is. If you are looking for candidates, for example in Germany, you don’t have to write them in English, it will be much better if you compose a letter for them in German. Of course German has a lot of dialects, but in general you do not have to adapt to them, because in 99% of the cases you are an international company that is looking for employees in germany and you do not have to have a good command of the German language. So, if you are looking for someone in Germany, your spam letter should be in German and you can write further emails in English as well, the most important thing is to mention the requirement that your applicants have a good command of English.

Randomizing, synonymizing… What is it? As we said before, sending a plain text message in a naked form is a 100% hit in spam filters and your email will fall strictly into the spam folder. How to avoid it? Spammers came up with an interesting solution long ago but many people for some reason don’t know it and keep giving spammers naked emails. Every self-respecting spammer demands not a simple letter, but a randomized one. Randomization, is the selection of synonyms to words or composing a text with multiple phrases. How does it look like? Very simple, here is an example:

Hello. We’d like to offer you a job.

-this is the text of the common man)))

(Hello/Good afternoon/Greetings/Greetings/Great morning) (We want/ Our company wants/ Our organization would like) to offer you (job/job/employment/additional job)

-this is a smoker’s text)))

I think you have now clearly understood what a randomized text is. It is a selection of synonyms to words or phrases. The script will randomly take a word, phrase or expression from the brackets and finally, a unique email will be sent to each one. That is, every time the letter is sent different, because there are arranged synonyms throughout the text and each time a different synonym is taken at random. The whole point is to make spam filters think that this is a new mail and not to mark it as spam. Thus the inbox of such a mailing is quite high and hence you will get much more response from such spam.

A correctly composed spam email is a combination of all factors. There is the correct selection of synonyms, the targeting, the language, and the subject matter. Good luck in our difficult task. If you have any questions, please ask and I will answer them all.

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