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SSN social security number

In the United States, the Social Security Number, or simply SSN, is a standard identifier and is used by virtually all government and private agencies. Each SSN is unique and assigned to only one person. When a person dies their SSN is never re-registered to another.

The nine-digit SSN has three parts: 123 45 6789

The first three digits indicate the area number the next two digits indicate the group number the last four unique serial number

Area number

The locality number is determined by the geographic location of the region. Before 1972, cards with a number were issued at local Social Security offices located throughout the United States and the locality number indicated the state where the SSN card was issued. But it often happened that the state of issue was not the state of primary residence, because in those times a person could get a number at any office of the Social Security Administration regardless of the place of residence. Since 1972, when the function of assigning numbers shifted from territorial offices to one centralized office, still located in Baltimore, Maryland, area numbers began to be determined according to the ZIP code, a part of any citizen’s mailing address. But the mailing address may not always match the place of residence, so both before and after 1972, the locality number may not match the place of residence.

Usually, area numbers were assigned starting from the northeast and moving smoothly to the west. That is, people living on the east coast have lower number values, while those living on the west coast, on the contrary, have higher numbers.

Note: note that this assignment scheme began in 1936, before the era of general computerization. And with the advent of computers, the Social Security Department in Baltimore chose to systematize the states in alphabetical order rather than east-west, but it was rather laborious to completely eradicate the old system, so there is still absolutely no precise systematization of area numbers


Table of terrain numbers:

The same numbers, used repeatedly, have either moved from one state to another over time, or are numbers denoting an area located in different geographic zones of the country. An SSN beginning with 000 is never correct!

Group number

The group number is not directly dependent on the place of residence. It can take values from 01 to 99 inclusive. For administrative reasons the first group of numbers consisted of odd numbers beginning from 1 to 9 (01, 03…09) and even numbers from 10 to 98. Subsequently, other even numbers from 2 to 8 and odd numbers from 11 to 99 were introduced.

Also each terrain corresponds to its own maximum group number. The group number only changes after all the terrain numbers have been used. For example, if it is known that for terrain 999, currently the maximum group number is 72 (an interval from 10 to 98), then obviously a number like 999-04-1234 is not correct, because 72 and 04 belong to different intervals, and the interval including 04 was entered after the interval including 72.

Permanently updated information on maximum group numbers corresponding to specific locations can be found at: https://www.ssa.gov/foia/highgroup.htm

It is sometimes rumored that group number values are assigned according to racial differences, but this is a profound misconception.

Series number

The series number (the last 4 digits of the SSN) can take values from 0001 to 9999 and is assigned in the normal order of precedence for each group and for each locality individually. The number 0000 has never been used. Prior to 1965, series numbers were assigned in a somewhat odd order, but currently all numbers are strictly in ascending order


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