what’s hiding on track two?” how to use dumps without pin

So, now let’s describe what should be written on the track. We are interested in the second track, and what can we see on it? It can contain up to 40 characters: First comes the start character % Then comes the PAN of up to 19 digits, in our case it is the card number. It includes the card issuer code(IIN: Issuer Identification Number) (up to 6 characters), which in turn consists of: Major Industry Identifier(MII: Major Industry Identifier) (up to 2 characters):

The following is the issuer code(II: Issuer Identifier), up to 5 digits, in some cases the INN length or size is written if it exceeds the ISO limits. If MII is 9, the first three digits are the country code (of no interest to us)


Then comes the individual account number(IAI: Individual Account Identification), up to 12 digits, assigned by the organization that issued the card


Then there is one digit used to verify the number and other information, calculated using a formula: (I’ll post the formula later) mastercard PAN consists of no more than 16 characters, while VISA has 13 or 16, including the verification digit.

Next comes the separator, one character =

It is followed in some cases by a country code (if PAN starts with 59), it is defined in ISO 3166: 724 for Spain, 840 for USA etc.


Then, in most cases, comes the expiration date of the card in YYMM(year-month) format.

Next comes the three-character service code, it consists of:

The first digit determines where the card can be used:

The second digit defines the card usage/authorization processing:[/DATAENCODE

Third digit, defines services and conditions of PIN requirement

Then comes the PVV (PIN Verification Value) hash, 5 characters, followed by the characters reserved for use by the emitter. And at the end of everything there is a final character ?

Пример второй дорожки(придуманный): ;4598530106131217=06081211834918387276?

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how to use dumps without pin

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