Where credit cards come from.” cvs number on credit card

The title of the article may be confusing =) No, I’m not going to tell you how a machine tool makes plastic rectangles, another draws pictures, a third extrudes letters with numbers, etc. I will not tell, because I am not a technologist, and who the fuck is it?) Of course many are interested in a completely different question: where do the sellers of CC get the material? Rather interested not for profit, and not in order to save money and for self-affirmation, ie to feel like a real hacker, and all that. I say at once, this article will not describe in detail all the options for obtaining SS, as (forced to confess) yours truly is not a pro in this matter, even recently the essence of the process explained to me Second Helper (for which he thanks a lot) literally on the fingers. So on points.

Method one is the shortest and easiest: Personally, I rarely buy because I am able to search the logs for the word CVV and get a fresh sample of the day =) Of course, I would not advise to buy a troy, sploit, hosting, traffic, etc. for the purpose of collecting credit cards. Only a complete fucktard can do that =))) Don’t even know why I brought it up…

Okay, now on the case, the second way, collecting Credits from the store: How to hack a store is not my part, I can say that the majority of the shops, well, I mean the simple, ordinary these american shops use the standard dorma engines such as Mamba, OsComerse, etc. shit. Vulnerabilities for these engines are just dotted around on various security sites, so it is possible to take some public vulnerability and catch the shop on update. Another option to gain access to the store is to catch cPanel or Web Hoster Manager (root) for the site, or (here’s where attention) is enough access to ANY site located on the same server hosting with the shop that interests us. How to get these panels is your business. They can buy, assemble from Troya, to borrow in the end (not from me). A quick look at admin panel: There are 2 types of admin panel via http (read above). Suppose we have a site _santasholidaycash.com. The cipanel for that site would look like santasholidaycash.com:2082


For the less sophisticated ones, the browser connects to the site via default ports like 80 or 8080. When we visit the www.google.com, then by and large our request looks like this _www.google.com:80. It is now hopefully clear that on port 2082 is located sypanel, a control panel for the site. Enter it in your browser, press Enter – it asks for login and password


enter – go to the admin panel:


It is pretty much the same story with root access, the only difference is the access port will be 2086, the login will always be the same (root) and the third important difference is that this will allow to manage all sites on the server. For example we have a server You can write

directly in your browser.


Enter login and password


Get into the root panel.


Next, our task is to remove the MySQL database of the store, because that is where the cherished CCs are usually stored. Speaking of sipanel, this access to one site essentially gives us the opportunity to get all the databases on the hosting. Through the ftp manager is loaded .php script that uses holes apache and allows you to see all sites on the host, and gain access to them, through this script. True, the access will only be read-only, but to find access to the MySQL database in html or php files (through which the scripts actually work), it is quite enough. Then we take a sprint phpMyAdmin or etc. We go to the base and make a dump or search in tables directly on the server. All of the above scripts are public, and find them not difficult. If access root there in general everything is simple, you can see all the bases of all sites and of course there is a button Backup. Ie the base is stored in the archive, and then you can download and unpack. Or, as in the previous example to find the login and work with MySQL directly on the server. I think what to look for is clear, if the database is extensive not to get lost in the search for words like cvv, cvv2, ccnumber, number, zip, etc.

Well, that seems to be all. If I’ve missed something (I’ve missed something anyway) please don’t hesitate to ask any questions =)

Uniqueness of this article is that it was written in the morning of January 1, about 7 or 8 it seems the morning (no cunt) in a terribly drunk and stoned state =))) Congratulations on New Year, Christmas, Old New Year, March 8, the day of the tank crew, paratrooper and gynecologist well, etc.. I wish you to celebrate them so that to be a little bit ashamed And remember: Verified Team warns ministry of health cunt =))

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cvs number on credit card

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