Why are the horses bursting in your inbox” carding cc buy

Everyone probably knows how many drops each of us loses at each stage, from employment to work.

In this article I would like to draw your attention to just a few of the steps in which you can do anything to improve conversions


conversion (from regular job seeker to dropbox) project with low conversion means that the Owner of Dropbox project buys a lot of responses (spam, cv, questionnaires) and gets few drops. For example in buying 100 cvs Owner received 5 drops, so conversion is 5%


Average conversion on older projects is 3 to 8% This means that if you buy 100 profiles (cv, resume) you can make 3 to 8 drops.

Conversion is influenced by external and internal factors, namely

team skills and experience procaller skills procaller attitude quality project done project usage skills understanding of all work processes, employment, divorce competent correspondence and paperwork psychology skills and more

1) Collecting resumes (questionnaires, cv) of applicants by spamming them or by placing a job post on one of the job sites. The most popularjob sites are:

www.monster.com www.careerbuilder.com www.indeed.com www.craigslist.org

Bad letter (wrong):

Such an email usually doesn’t include details of the job, so that more people come to such an email. The requirements are minimal such as: PC and email skills


so you order for example 1000 cv (response) and get 1000 questionnaires of slag, people who will not work for you, who came just to get more information about the job. Such letters are made by unscrupulous vendors whose goal is to quickly fulfill your order and stuff your mailbox with chłodz


Good letter:

Screening Filter The right letter necessarily contains a list of responsibilities (in a hidden form). Duties are masked from the resolping scam, and this is done to ensure that if the applicant has already worked as a dropper would immediately fall away, and if not worked, then immediately stuck to our Drop Project

Hidden motivation A set of perks, benefits, advantages that differentiate and put your Company ahead of your competitors, thus motivating (inducing) the drops to accept your job offer

Positioning There is no need to position yourself in logistics, this is a completely different job. A normal person who hears about logistics will think of something else. So without understanding from the start what you are offering, a lot of candidates won’t risk sending you their resume


2) Interview

Once you have received your resume (cv) and you have a Caller on your team, this will allow you to do the Call and Interview instead of immediately sending a 1st E-mail drop with forms to fill out and additional information.

Interviewing is a very powerful tool in capable hands. That’s why I advise everyone to get hold of callers. This will not only strengthen the scheme of work from the very beginning, but will also allow you to avoid many troubles and solve problems in time


Interviews affect conversion rate. If you have 100 cvs (job seeker questionnaires) then: You can raise your conversion rate up to 20% And if you use only correspondence templates your conversion rate can be only 3%, as a result from 100 questionnaires you will get only 3 donkeys, which will soon die )))) (just kidding)

3) Filling out Employment Forms, requesting scans, signing contract, registering in Admin

Forms in employment are very important. In capable hands, it raises the conversion rate of your Drop Project. By filling out the forms, you let the job seeker know that this is a legitimate position and an honest company.

Very often this is an i9 Application Form, and a W4 tax form


Drops can ask questions while filling out forms it is very important that you do not answer in templates, but rather read their questions and compose individual letters as answers


By positioning yourself as a legitimate company you will be able to dispel all doubts of the drop and convert him from a regular job seeker to a workhorse, this is why it is very important to show yourself in the hiring process as a Real Company and do everything for real

A) Request for scans

Any of us know and do not like to give our documents or personal information about ourselves to 3 people

So this request can be two-way. On the one hand, you may ask for scans from drop, drop will refuse, but you do not want to lose it, and say, ok work then drop may suspect something wrong, especially if at some point he collects a lot of stuff. If such a situation has occurred, and drop ship refused to send scans, but like drop is normal, and you do not want to lose it then try not to end the conversation on their failure, but instead try to finish the process of verification, for example: can say that the documents are needed to verify, but if you refuse, no big deal, there are other ways, though they may take longer, but you do not hurry? (drop says no) ok then let’s go ahead and tell drop that there are other ways instead of scans, for example you will call previous jobs

(it’s very important that when the drop has refused you didn’t go on his leash, but instead continued to lead the drop yourself) You must lead the drop The drop must lead (there is an expression, you probably heard it all: Vasya got hooked) which means that some person believed what he was told, in most cases it’s about deception or fraud.

From what’s written here above, it follows: You work with drop as number 1 (which means you are in charge, you lead and manage the process) Drop always works as number 2 (in status he is below the company or in other words in the hierarchy the job seeker is lower than the HR Manager who is now calling him)

If the drop starts refusing your actions, he’ll take over number 1 in the negotiation and you’ll take over number 2. At that point, it won’t look like a job offer, it will look like you’re imposing a job on the job seeker (as if you’re persuading him, imposing something on him)


B) Contract One of the most important documents in the whole employment process The contract is signed at the very end, so if it is poorly executed the drop will not sign it and your work and time will go down the drain. And the most precious thing we have is our Time.

Another thing is if you spammed one job description, then during the process you gave the drop a file with a different job description or job offer terms may be different than what is written in the contract, so it will look weird and suspicious to the drop

Hence the conclusion that for a good conversion it is very important that there is Logic and Synchronization of your Drop Project, with correspondence, documents and contract


We need to do everything now to get the drop to sign the contract. Therefore, the contract should specify the perks (advantages over other companies), everything should be logically sound, namely it should be clear when the contract starts, whether there is a probationary period, conditions of probationary period, salary payment procedure, benefits actions, transparent responsibilities.

Well-described responsibilities and cleverly disguised from decomping scam better incline the dropper to sign the contract. In addition, you can send the dropper a W4 form at this point to show the dropper that our company is going to pay taxes, make deductions from the employee’s salary that are required by law. Also, in the contract, in the Wage or CompensationBenefits clause, we can include a line next to the wage that tells the dropper that deductions will be made from his wages as required by law, it sounds like this:

As compensation for the Employees services hereunder, the Company shall pay to the Employee a salary of $2,000. Such salary shall be earned weekly in installments and arrears less applicable statutory deductions.

This means the drop will not get 2k, but 2k minus any deductions.

So you can see how important all the details are in the employment process and especially the quality of the documents and how they are created.

B) Registration in the admin area The admin area is a very handy tool to work with. In addition Droop sees your software and it also builds trust much more than working from templates.

You see that absolutely every tool in the process, affect conversion


What used to be ? A long time ago, when there were slightly fewer carders than today, the old projects and schemes worked fine. People back then were unaware of scams and online scams. That’s why the paperwork was bad, there were no admins, and the conversion was good.

Today the world has moved far ahead. Drops are being informed on all sides about scams, from special scam boards where your project can contribute any Drops to the Mail, where a drop makes a shipment, and even here he can be informed that it’s a scam.

So the ways are changing, adapting to the new world, the new times. Templates of correspondence are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and they are being replaced by Callers and Automated Drops Employment Systems.

In the following articles I’m going to write about:

Contract Features Addressing Drops

The Monster Copyrightteam hopes you find this information useful

carding cc buy

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