Working with dangerous software.” cc dump shop

In this article I will tell you how to work safely with the software. I can not write articles and I am writing for the first time so don’t shout too much =)) So let’s go to Let’s say we decided to play poker. We have VmWare , Permeo Security Driver , etc.. There are two ways, either create a clone of the virtual machine every time after you sign out of the account, or the option I describe. Present you the program – SandBoxie The general idea is the following: if the usual programs are actively exchanging data in the process of their work on the path: hard drive RAM swap file back to the hard drive, etc.

it captures all the data any program wants to write to the hard drive (its settings, temporary files, temporary Internet files, user files) and writes them to a specially reserved location on the hard drive. Using 1) Install SandBoxie on our machine 2) Run =) 3) Click Create new sandbox… (call it whatever you want) 4) In main menu choose Function = Run SandBoxed = Any program… (Select the path of our software) 5) Run 6) When SandBoxie ends (turn off client) it will ask us if we want to remove our sandbox. 7) Delete =)))) Bottom line: you don’t have any unwanted remnants of the software you used. hxxp://

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