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writing injections part 1 Preparation.

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Most of the injection writers, I mean writers, not coders, omit the preparatory phase before writing their product. I will try to highlight the most important aspects.

1. Retardation in professional development. Virtually all writers have deep knowledge of javascript the main language of injections programming and by their deep delusion consider themselves guru and chisel millions of lines of code, not bothering to find out what tools the bank coders gave us, which would maximally minimize and accelerate the code. It is no secret that almost all banks use JS frameworks, such as jQuery, Dojo, YUI, ExtJS It is important to pay attention to the tools that banks themselves gave us: it is better to spend time on study to come to a viable and maintainable code. Using frameworks helps innovate results.

2. Variables, scripts, frames, injects, cookies. Yes, yes, there are still injectors on the market that use cookies to store their information, do you really think banks don’t keep track? You are sorely mistaken, let’s look at a more complex example. So, the customer got his order, which may well be limited to one small injector called loader, which pulls the main code from the remote server, well it looks like this


At first glance, everything is fine, it works, even pulls its main code, even extinguishes page load until the main inject code is executed. Very simple code in three lines will immediately show the bank on the third-party script and even fixes where exactly it is loaded. Well, now on the question of why you actually broke the domain, the answer is obvious.

analygically with the insta

Try it yourself and you’ll see that your so successfully incorporated into the design of additional fields, it’s like a red rag for the bank and he sees ALL. Absolutely everything that the writers have written is in the palm of the bank’s hand. Don’t delude yourselves with the illusion that a workable code is a grail.

Regarding variables, usually the writer creates a dummy and then on the basis of it saves the injections into the thread, well, the variable used sooner or later will be exposed, you can advise to use existing objects and embed into them, after all agree to boolean few people will search than thisCoolAZ variable and so it will be more hidden.

Now by adding our own malware, we can access any legitimate string variable, any variable, and call our own tricky function.

3. universality, customization for the bot. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes, trying to write an injector for the bot, scraping code, inventing crutches and so on. Let’s assume the cost of the bot is 10k, the yield from one az is incommensurable more, with a competent approach. so maybe you should shift priorities? it’s not the injector that should be adjusted, but the bot should be adjusted to the needs of the injector. Otherwise you get a car, and the wheels are square. The author of the bot does not want to introduce new features, new functionality, I advise you to think about changing the wheels


P.S. I’ll write something else if interested.

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