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Hello everyone. Here it’s time to please you with another necessary and useful in our life program xDedic Log Cleaner. I hope you know that dedicates logs are full and detailed. Pisheno exact time when you logged on to the dedicates, writes the name of your computer (John-Man, Paul-PC and the like, writes IP address from which you login to the dedicates, setup, delete, change settings in general almost everything! And if the admin dedicates not a fool he looked at the log will be able to track your every move on the dedicam.

We spent a lot of time on writing this program which seems very simple at first sight. xDedic Log Cleaner is designed to clean the system logs, it can also clear temp temp folders and you can delete an account from the dedication system along with all the files you created while using it. You can clean it not on behalf of your account, but on your system name (System). Attention very important: program works ONLY on servers with administrator rights!!! OS: Windows Vista and higher.

Button description:

[ Flush ] clears logs in one click. There is no sense to explain further, it’s already clear! [ Auto Flush ] cleans logs at set time interval, i.e. you choose time, press ok and that’s it, the program can be closed, logs will be cleaned every %N minutes. [FlushLogOFF] clear logs and logoff from account. It is useful if you do not create own account on deck, and raboteet under bought acke, ie you disconnected from the deck, and record that you have disconnected left in logs, it should be erased. Finish your work with the grandfather selected option, set the time, press ok, disconnect from the grandfather. The program will wipe the traces and logoff the account. [AccountDelete] Useful and at the same time dangerous feature. Usefulness: 1) will logoff your account; 2) will delete your account from system; 3) will delete your account folder from C:Users ; 4) will clear all logs. Completely erases all traces on the deck. Danger: You will not be able to login to the deck anymore under that account. Also, if Administrator is the only account on the deck and you delete it, nobody will be able to login into the server, only reinstalling the system will help.



Archive password: xDedic

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