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Friends, as you have already noticed, in contrast to other “darkroom” shops that provide the minimum functions and just charge a lot of money, our shop team is working every day to improve the quality of services, we write the necessary and interesting software.

Today I want to introduce you our utility to connect to the remote locations. You already know that with the help of the standard Windows tool we can’t connect to all of our clients and even not to all of them, so we decided to help you with that.

xDedic RDP Client was primarily designed to make life easier for our customers. Previously, you had to separately copy IP, login, password and paste it into the connection window, or to write this information manually. Now it is enough to enter the purchase history and click the Copy button next to the server you want to enter. Then go to the program, press the button Paste, the information about the dedicates will be inserted into the fields, then just press the button connect.

=== Description of functions: IP,Login,Password do not need any description, there is also a port field, by default all the desktops use port 3389, but there are exceptions; Window Size – you can choose any size, or connect in FullScreen mode; Paste – insert info to connect; Clean – clear all fields; Admin – connect to the administrator session, it helps to connect to desktops where you get a MaxConnections error by default; Audio – audio transfer from the desktop to your PC; Themes – turn on the sound on the screen. If you use any of the disks on your computer, it will be connected to the deck after the connection is done.This means you can go to My Computer on the deck and see your disk. You can copy from the disk to the dedicator and vice versa. Save Connection Saves the information of your virtual machine to the config, which is in the program folder, and then you don’t need to copy the login and password to connect to the virtual machine, just select the IP from the list in the program.

PS. We have known bug, when clipboard transfer to dedic is not working, so if you don’t see clipboard working it means you are running TeamViewer or VmWare, program inside your dedicates, or some other program is using your clipboard. To make it work close all programs which can use clipboard.

PSS. Next program in the queue to be written is xDedic Log Cleaner for cleaning system logs on a dedic. Stay tuned

https://www.dropbox.com/s/rn1en7kaawcRDPClient.zip Archive password: xDedic

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