xDedic RDP Patch v2.1″ unicc credit card


folks, here is the new version of our tool for creating the accounts on the dedicates. As you probably already know by now you can not use the account from which you bought the granddaddy. If you have admin rights, you’ll need to create your own. This way, your granddaddy will last longer and you will be safer.

The second fact, which you also probably already know, on home operating systems, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, only one user can run by default, it is you or the owner of the dedicates. To fix this, you need to patch the desktop, (replacing the RDP system library). After patching it becomes possible to work in home Windows for several users and nobody will interfere with anybody. The account created by the patch is not displayed in the Windows Welcome window, i.e. it’s hidden and a simple user won’t notice it.

How to use the program, I think I do not need to explain, but in brief 1. Download on the share 2. Launch, fill in a name of account which needs to be created and add or generate a password. 3. If you are running OS at home ( 7, 8, 10), just tick *Patch RDP checkbox, and press Go button. 4. Account will be created, copy it to your notebook, press OK, granddad will be patched and you will be disconnected from it. 5. After 30-60 seconds, you can go to your account on your computer, 6. Do not forget to remove the software from the dedicator. ** Server OS ( 2008, 2012, 2016 ) you do not need to patch, i.e. do not check the box. On such os just create an account and that’s all.

What’s new in this version: Added support for updated version of Windows 10 Support for updated Win8 protocols Now Windows version, patch status and available rights are displayed in the program itself Automatic generation of password on startup Small fixes and improvements


Archive password: xDedic

unicc credit card

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