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xDedic Socks System is designed to turn dedicates into socks. Socks can be installed on the dedic* (as a service) or just run. Then you should enter IP from the dedicates and the port of the socks into your browser, proxifier or other software and use it. You will know the port of the sock you are the only user of the sock. Even if your account on the dedicates will be blocked, change all passwords the box can continue to work! We took the well-known 3proxy as a basis.

What do I need to get it working? A dedicle with direct IP address, admin rights and no firewalls. DDoS does not matter, works everywhere from WinXP to Windows10.

Software features: 1. Raising sox and https proxy on specified ports; 2. Installing sox server as a service (runs as a service); 3. Simple startup without installation (if no admin rights but direct ip); 4. Proxyication is fully anonymous, http headers are not transmitted, if check with services, it will be defined as Elite Proxy; 5. Ability to protect your proxy with login and password (for paranoiacs); 6. Request connection logs are not kept disabled.

How to run? You download the program to your grandfather, specify ports for socks and/or https proxy and click Run or Install. Start only start socks, is raised while the program is running! Install service install as a service, will work even after reboot, without logging into the account on the dedic. Auth you can set login and password to socks. SocksInfo socks information, IP, port, password.

If you want to change the port, set the password, click Stop, Uninstall service, change the settings, click Install service.

Password for the archive: xDedic https://www.dropbox.com/s/v02xvr705yocksSystem.zip

Important! We do not guarantee the operation of the sock on all direct IP dedicates, as there are many nuances of traffic blocking on both the dedicates and the router to which it is connected.

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