Your Location via Browser, via VPN / Socks / Virtual Machine” credit card dumps sites

Thought I’d write some thought-provoking information for you. In continuation of my article Browser leaks information about you

A person is sitting at a computer, everything is set up properly. VPN / Socks / Virtoolka / Encryption / Anti-detection Yes, a person can even sit through a USB modem

Almost any modern computer has a WIFI adapter. Right? The adapter scans the networks around it (any nearby access points)

Something like

So, this is the configuration of the NETWORKS (their BSSID, ESSID and Power. In Russian, the names of neighboring networks, you see them when you connect somewhere, their ID and signal strength). This configuration of BSSID ESSID Power only you have, only in the room where you are, it uniquely identifies you!

This is your Fingerprint. And it doesn’t care about any anonymity methods, sockets, system settings. All that stuff goes out the window!

Did you know that your Browser has access to your WIFI adapter? And did you know that in encrypted(you will never know that this data has already been transmitted to Google) form, Firefox and Chrome can transmit this data directly through your browser?

Next, you know perfectly well that all you have to do is to match the information by access points (for example, with your neighbors, because they will also have the same set of neighbors in their environment, neighboring access points, your mobiles that lie next to you, androids, iPhones) to calculate your real location. Yes, the virtualization itself also has access to your physical devices (regardless of hardware emulation), theoretically (I haven’t verified the info), could also give that data inside the virtualization.

Have you considered this view of security?

I’ve told you a secret, maybe it will save you someday In my browser, the issue is solved, contact


Respectfully Dr.Cert (please indicate me as the author if copying to another forum)

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